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12 Great Crab Wall Art Options A Helpful Guide

12 Great Crab Wall Art Options: A Helpful Guide

Have you ever gone into a house that you can’t help but remember the decoration theme because it was so…… AMAZING! Well, prepare to have your house decorated the same way but with crabs as the main theme.

Decorating your home with crabs provides a fun accent to a nautical theme or the feel of a beach house even if the ocean is miles away. In this helpful guide, we will tell you why you should decorate with crabs and give you some helpful crab decorating tips.

We’ll also provide some of the different crab art options and examples of products for each different art style.

12 Great Crab Wall Art Options A Helpful GuideCrabs are a simplistic reminder of warm, relaxing beach days and vacations with sun, sand, and ocean. Decorating with crabs can bring that warm summer feeling into your home all year round and are a great accent piece to seashells and anchors.

Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, crabs are also powerful symbols of strong spirit animals according to Native American traditions. The crab signifies rebirth or growth due to change. Crabs can be a symbol of self-reliance, resilience, and resourcefulness.

Whether you are looking for a change or need a subtle reminder of your inner strength and resolve, crabs are the perfect wall decoration.

Metal Crab Wall Art Options

Metal wall art provides a timeless and sturdy option for decoration. It can be great for outdoor or indoor decorating and most metals used in wall art are light so there’s no need for wall anchors. Metal art pairs well with wood so matching up driftwood and seashells with a cute metal crab makes for a talking piece worth having.

A few pieces we recommend include:

This wood and metal rustic farmhouse style crab is perfect for any bedroom or living room:
wood galvanized crab wall art

This handmade metal “HOME” sign featuring a crab in the middle is available in multiple colors:

Crab metal sign wall art;ga_search_type=all;ga_view_type=gallery;ga_search_query=crab+wall+art;ref=sr_gallery-1-7;col=1

DIY Wall Art with Crabs

If you’re a crafty kind of person who would rather make their own décor rather than buy it, we’ve got some perfect ideas for you. Crabs are simple enough to create using paint or other DIY materials. 

Check out these ideas that will give you a cute new wall creation without breaking the bank:

This crab stencil art using simple acrylic paints is a fantastic piece of wall art. You can even get more creative and do a set using different paint styles:

Stencil Stop DIY Crab Wall Art

Live near the beach? Pick up some pieces of driftwood to bring home and try your hand at this cute crab creation:

wood DIY crab wall art;utm_source=pinterest;utm_campaign=tailwind_smartloop;utm_content=smartloop;utm_term=20714948

Large Crab Wall Art

Go big or go home! Really make a statement and put crabs as the central art piece on your wall. We’ve got some great recommendations for large crab wall art that will make your décor the talking point of the town.

Put this large metal crab up in your home and customize it any way you like – with your wedding date, last name, or even just a simple “Welcome”: 

Large metal crab wall art;ga_search_type=all;ga_view_type=gallery;ga_search_query=crab+wall+art;ref=sr_gallery-1-1;frs=1;col=1

Go with classic canvas art and simple scientific sketch in a two-colored scheme for a classy beach house look:

Large Crab Wall Canvas Art;categoryid=215363;placement=1;slot=0;sponsoredid=48408b8722fb826d3e05753a123aab22d50bf5de27e95c697f6d0373c7aa0613;_txid=I%2BF9OmGgYxpEefdOlXVfAg%3D%3D;isB2b=0;auctionId=4f40f5e9-c32f-4935-8ff8-12d1344dde10

Outdoor Crab Wall Art Options

Maybe decorating with crabs inside your house is not quite your speed or you want an overabundance of those beachy crustaceans, either way, putting crab decorations outside is another way to go.

Check out these giant outdoor crabs that are sure to make a statement.

This giant blue distressed wood crab is a great addition to any cottage or home to show your love of the beach: 

large wooden crab decorations outside;ga_search_type=all;ga_view_type=gallery;ga_search_query=crab+wall+art;ref=sr_gallery-1-4;frs=1;col=1

How about this massive wooden crab with wood burned detailing that’s big enough to impress anyone who is into all things nautical:

large crab outdoor decoration;ga_order=most_relevant;ga_search_type=all;ga_view_type=gallery;ga_search_query=outdoor+crab+wall+art;ref=sc_gallery-1-4;pro=1;frs=1

Crab Canvas Picture Options

Canvas art pieces come in as many different styles as there are artists. Accenting the living room, bedroom, or even bathroom with a stylish canvas art piece featuring a crab is the perfect way to complete a coastal theme décor.

Dive underwater with this beautifully painted lifelike blue crab canvas art:Canvas picture of a crab Enjoy the soothing aesthetics of watercolor with this four-piece canvas art set featuring a whimsical blue crab:

 Canvas wall picture of turtle, crab, seahorse, and jelly fish

Wooden Crab Wall Décor

Perhaps that rustic feel is really what you are looking for, if so check out these wooden crab wall art pieces. Simple planks of wood with artfully painted crustaceans are just the touch you need to complete your rustic coastal theme décor.

If simple is for you, this gray plank wood art with a white minimalist crab painted on it is perfect: 

painted crab on wood decor;epik=dj0yJnU9MjQ4aWdkZzFEWkdVZ1ZLTXFFRjJDQjVtNk5hMTlHQTgmcD0wJm49M1M2RHpIa2tRWXNQOWR3dFRzbkZ2USZ0PUFBQUFBR0dnWWRV

Perfect for coastal and nautical themed rooms, this dual crab painting set on gray planks makes a great addition to any beachy décor:

blue coastal wooden crab wall art

Tips for Decorating the House with Crab Art

There are many different ways to decorate your house with crab art if you are looking to add crustaceans to your coastal, nautical, or beach-themed room.

It’s best to find crab art that fits in with the rest of your décor. For example, if your room has a rustic theme, crab art made from distressed wood or metal or a combination of the two may be the best choice.

Alternatively, if you have a classic beach house feel, a minimalist crab art piece with white or blue coloring is the way to go.

Decide whether you want your crab art to be a subtle addition to your coastal theme or the main staple piece for your room.

For subtle additions, a simple silhouette type of art made with wood and paint would be best. For main centerpiece art, an eye-catcher would be a detailed canvas art piece or scientific drawing.

Choose your colors wisely. The most common crab art comes in variations of blue, white, or red, but you can find crab art in any color if you look hard enough.

Accent your crab art with other seashore findings such as seashells, starfish, and coral. Alternatively, go full nautical with anchors, fishnets, and boats as the accompanying themes to your crab art.


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