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12 Great Options for Shark Wall Decorations

12 of Our Favorite Shark Wall Decoration Options

If you love the ocean and want to add some spice to your coastal-themed room décor, consider adding some shark art. Sharks are a charismatic part of ocean life and will add a pop of flair to any room whose inspiration comes from the sea.

In this article, we’ll give you some tips on decorating with sharks and why sharks are a great option to add to your coastal themed décor. In addition, we’ll provide you with some different types of shark wall art options and some of our favorite examples of shark wall art.

12 Great Options for Shark Wall DecorationsSharks are an iconic part of ocean life and have enraptured the public eye ever since the movie Jaws premiered on the big screen. Sharks are more than just ferocious predators though. Their beautiful grace makes them the perfect subjects for art and stunning additions for those looking to add some pizzazz to their wall décor.

Sharks are also a great reminder of the strength and symbolize survival and overcoming fear. If you need a daily visual to challenge yourself and tackle the obstacles which stand in your way, then you need a shark on your wall.

Metal Shark Wall Art Options

Decorating with metal sharks is the perfect way to bring out the streamlined beauty of this undersea animal and accentuate the power it possesses. These wall art options will really make your coastal theme pop and provide unique talking pieces for any occasion.

This beautiful metal likeness brings out the stunning blue of the shark’s topside and mighty gray of the underside with anatomical details giving this shark a lifelike appearance:

metal shark Wall art

Designed in a different manner, this Zenlike shark metal outline gives the impression of the relaxation and grace with which sharks glide through the water:

shark metal wall art;ga_order=most_relevant;ga_search_type=all;ga_view_type=gallery;ga_search_query=shark+wall+art;ref=sc_gallery-1-1;pro=1;frs=1;col=1

DIY Wall Art with Sharks

Perhaps you’re more of the do-it-yourself kind of person and would love to have a uniquely handmade shark art piece decorating your wall. You can definitely brag about creating these simple wall art pieces without spending oodles of time and money on them.

This mobile style shark art piece gives a lot of room for creative license from the material you use, to the color scheme, to the size of your shark pieces. Simply string them together and voila, the perfect shark wall art:

diy shark wall art;id=484816

Another great crafty piece that may help you get rid of that scrap wood that’s been kicking around and doesn’t require a whole lot of artistic talent to create, this shark art piece is sure to make a statement in your home:

Larger Shark Wall Art Options

If you’re looking for a bold statement, then try a large piece of shark wall art to accentuate your coastal or nautical themed living room or bedroom. There’s nothing more daring than displaying a fearsome predator on your walls unabashedly for all the world to see.


One of our top picks for large shark wall art includes this shark cut out from wooden pallets. Choose a naturally distressed look or a beautiful sea blue to decorate your home with:

large shark wall art;utm_medium=affiliate;utm_source=zanox;utm_campaign=au_buyer;utm_content=2166591

Another impressive large shark option is this gnarly metal skeleton shark. If you’re not digging the metal vibes for year-round decoration, it would be great for Halloween and still keep with your coastal theme:

large shark wall art black;ga_search_type=all;ga_view_type=gallery;ga_search_query=outdoor+shark+decoration;ref=sr_gallery-2-42;organic_search_click=1;pro=1;frs=1

Shark Wall Décor Options for Outside

Maybe you’re not digging the shark art inside the house but would love to hang a piece up outside the garage or workshop. We’ve got some great outdoor options for shark art that will weather the elements and prove just as tough as the creatures they portray.

This stunning work of art features a combination of metal and glass to create a lifelike shark perfect for any outdoor space especially overlooking your back patio or pool:
Metal shark outdoor decor
If you’re looking for a rustproof unique addition to your outdoor décor, check out this amazingly crafted metal hammerhead shark that looks real enough to swim right off the wall:

hammerhead shark wall art

Shark Canvas Art Options

A classy way to add shark décor to your coastal themed room is with canvas art. Whether painted canvas or canvas photographs, sharks make for beautiful subjects as wall art. A piece of shark canvas art can really make these lithe creatures pop on your wall.

Maybe you would prefer an actual likeness and admire the daring underwater photographs that shark photographers capture. This three canvas art piece gets you up close and personal with one of nature’s most fearsome fishes:Canvas Shark 3 Piece Canvas set This lifelike shark canvas art is the perfect accent piece to hang above a seashell adorned mantelpiece or make a statement in an ocean-themed bathroom:
Large shark Wall Canvas painting

Wooden Shark Wall Décor

Perhaps your coastal theme is more of the rustic farmhouse look and you’re missing that one unique piece of wall art to spice up the room. These beautiful wooden shark wall décor pieces are just the addition you’re looking for.

This unique handmade wooden wall art features a shark with an entire reef scene three-dimensionally carved into the body of the animal:;ga_search_type=all;ga_view_type=gallery;ga_search_query=shark+wall+art;ref=sr_gallery-1-20;frs=1

On the other hand, you could go for a minimalist approach with this pallet or driftwood piece that has the outline of a shark carved out of the middle for stunning contrast:

wooden shark made out of pallets;id=106965

Tips for Decorating the House with Shark Themed Art

If you love sharks but you don’t want your coastal themed room to turn into a Jaws throwback, pick out shark art pieces that are minimalist and feature simple outlines like the wood pallet cutouts or the metal shark art.

On the other hand, if you want to go for the gusto, there are some gnarly pieces of art out there that feature painstaking detail of sharks from tip to tail. Pick pieces that provide stunning colors like blues and grays or intricate details of the gills and teeth.

Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong if you choose to decorate with sharks.


Sharks are amazing animals that are often feared instead of celebrated. For those that truly understand their beauty and want to decorate their walls with shark-inspired decor then we’ve helped compile our favorites in this post. Let us know in the comments below if there are other shark decoration ideas that you like or feel free to send us pictures.


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