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Seven Ways to Keep Kids from Getting Board at the Beach

7 Amazing Ideas to Keep Kids Entertained at the Beach

7 Ways to Keep Kids from Getting Bored at the BeachThe beach is a great place to spend the summer. Kids love it because of all the beach activities they can do, like building sandcastles or playing in the waves. But kids get bored at the beach too, and frequently parents don’t know what to do with them.

We know that you brought the sand toys, and your kids have built 100 sandcastles by now, so what other activities can you do to help them stay entertained and engaged.  Do you want something different from the same old beach routine?

In this article, we’ll discuss 7 unique ways for you to keep your kids from getting bored when they’re at the beach!

Search for Animals and Fish

Search for Animals and Fish at the BeachOne of the best parts about the beach is the closeness to all of the wildlife. There are birds, fish, and crustaceans all within the same area.

Kids love to search for fish and animals on the beach. Give them some goggles to put on and see who can find 15 fish first. Or you can see who can find the first eel, etc. This is excellent exercise swimming in the water and keeps them playing and engaged.

If they don’t want to get wet, see if they can find sand crabs and find their homes. Play a game to see who can get the closest to a crab without it running away. Kids love playing stealth games and getting close to something adventurous.

Bury Siblings in the Sand

Kids at the beach love to bury each other in the sand. It’s a great way for kids to play together and enjoy building something else besides sandcastles.

Burying a sibling on the beach

To make it more of a challenge, see if they can bury their brother, sister, or parents, then create a different body out of the sand.

For example, making a mermaid body is popular. You might try something like a shark or duck. Something different and fun, yet still challenging for their creative brains.

Play Beach Skee Ball

Skee ball is always a beach favorite. It’s great because it can be played solo or with friends and family.

To do this, build a skee ball ramp out of the sand and dig the different holes for the various points. You can also add as many sand obstacles as you want to make it more difficult.

All you need is a small ball and a sand shovel to create a skee ball on the beach.

How to Play Beach Skee Ball

Play beach soccer golf

You can play beach soccer golf, or also called Footgolf, with only a ball and digging holes for the ball to go in, similar to golf. The best part of this is that you can change the course and create new and more challenging holes as you go. 

For example, you can dig a hole behind a tree and you can see how many kicks or “strokes” it takes to get the ball in the hole.

Once that hole is made, you create another hole somewhere else on the beach and a new obstacle to get around, such as a beach chair, buckets, or building a tunnel out of the sand to go through.

Just like regular golf, you’ll be surprised how much kids love this activity.

Beach Scavenger Hunt

Beach Scavenger HuntBeach scavenger hunts are a great way to give your kids something else to do. 

Give each child or teammate a beach bucket and see how many items they can find in 15 minutes on the beach, such as shells, sand dollars, beach glass, etc.

This is also another activity that will get them moving around because they’ll have to go all over the beach and keep an eye out for these things. This is a great way to promote general exercise.

You can also make it educational. They then have to create a piece of art or build something out of all the things they found on a scavenger hunt, challenging their brains and creativity.

Sand Pictionary

Sand Pictionary is one of the best beach activities for kids.

This is a game where you draw something in the sand and then guess what it is from another person’s perspective. This is perfect for the whole family to join in on and creates lasting memories.

All you need is a beach, a stick, or use your hands and someone to come up with something that everyone can draw. No extra equipment is required.

The person drawing has to make the best sand version of what the item is, and then they have to guess it before the time runs out.

Get the Boards Out - SUP, Skimboards, Boogey Boards

If the local beach carries a rental shop, then any sort of water sport board is a great way to keep kids active for hours.

Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is awesome for kids. Young kids can be sitting down and won’t get hurt as easily if they wipe out. They also have more control than in any other water sport, so it’s perfect for beginners who want to learn how to balance themselves on the board.

Skimboards are another beach favorite for kids who like to surf, and it’s easier for beginners because they can’t wipe out as quickly. It also doesn’t require any type of water, so if the beach is at low tide or there isn’t much water, this is a great option.

Bring on the boogie boardsBoogey boards (AKA wakeboards) are also another beach favorite because they’re more complex than any other water sport board, and it’s easier to learn how to do flips.

If there is not a local beach rental, then having some of these at the beach house will quickly pay off if you plan to rent often. You can get paddleboards and skimboards for a relatively inexpensive cost and keep them at the house so that the kids or rental guests can get out on the water anytime that they want.


The beach is a great place to get kids away from their screens and active. There are tons of ways for them to have fun at the beach, but these seven activities should keep your kids entertained for hours on end.

You can find all sorts of beach games online or just make up your own using whatever you may have around the beach.

With all the beach activities to choose from, you can be sure that your kids won’t get bored anytime soon!



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