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7 Amazing Starfish Wall Decor Ideas for a Fun Home Design

7 Amazing Starfish Wall Decor Ideas for a Fun Home Design

Starfish is undoubtedly a fantastic sea creature! Hanging them on your walls can provide you with beautiful delicate decor that can brighten up and room! 

If you are a DIY fundie, or you simply enjoy the peace and calm of a starfish, maybe it has a symbolic meaning behind it. These ideas could be exactly what you are looking for!

Whether that be the DIY approach or deciding to purchase the decor and simply hang it, starfish will undoubtedly give you that extra spice in your home!

Firstly, decorating starfish can be seen as a hobby! However, it can be an excellent way to spend your free time and create something that’s not only soft on the eyes but has meaning behind the hard work you put into it and the calm it brings to your soul. 

But why do we love decorating them so? Most people enjoy it because it gives them something productive to do even when relaxing. Not only this, but it feels like an accomplishment! When you have completed the task, you will be able to hand a beautiful decoration on your wall that symbolizes much more than only hard work!

7 Amazing Starfish Wall Decor Ideas for a Fun Home Design

We love decorating starfish because we love starfish. It’s pretty simple! They are beautiful and provide us with serenity in our homes.

White Starfish Wall Decor Ideas

White starfish wall decor has to be one of the popular scenery to decorate your beach or vacation house with, and this is solely because white starfish provide a sense of calm and peace. Moreover, the white decor does not make a bold and dashing statement but instead provides a calming feature of elegance!
Starfish decorations for the wall

Metal Starfish Wall Decor

Metal starfish decor is hugely popular among starfish decor enthusiasts, and this piece most definitely makes a statement! Metal starfish are dashing and somewhat edgy, though, still provide a piece of serenity to your home. Many people who enjoy the DIY approach use metal to create starfish pieces. However, it is a more advanced technique.

Metal starfish wall decor 

Large Starfish to Decorate the Wall

Starfish of the same size are often not placed in a collage together. However, if you want to add a beautiful piece of wall decor, you can use a large starfish and frame them with a picture frame. This means you do not need to purchase or create a starfish size variety, but instead, frame a large, white, metal, or colorful starfish and decorate your wall for a statement piece.

Starfish Decoration Idea from Etsy

Etsy provides you with various starfish pieces. Some may not like the look of metal or white starfish, but instead like different colors – what about rainbow starfish? Etsy provides those too. Whatever the piece is you may be looking for, or the starfish you want to decorate your wall with, it can be found here.

star fish decoration hooks

Starfish Canvas Wall Art

As mentioned above, some may not like more than one starfish in their wall decor piece. This is where starfish canvas wall art comes into play, especially popular if you live at the beach. 

When experimenting with starfish canvas wall art, you usually add a starfish to various pieces, like shells or even sand. This scene can be a beautiful addition to your home. Some may choose to fill one whole wall of their homes with this sort of canvas for a large, bold statement piece, and others may opt for creating a canvas within a frame. 

 Starfish Canvas Wall Art

DIY Starfish Wall Decor

In this day and age, creating any form of DIY is not as difficult as it was years ago, and the chances are that if you conclude a relatively straightforward DIY starfish Google search, you will be flooded with ideas. 

DIY starfish decor is most popular for those who want to create a large canvas, as they purchase a variety of pieces and place them together. 

However, for those who wish to create a DIY starfish decorations, there are a few different components you may need: 

  • The material you want to use – Now, this may differ from person to person, and you are opting for a different look.
  • Glue – You will need some glue to attach the pieces.
  • An idea

DYing starfish is not all that difficult – though, make your life even easier by purchasing a starfish kit.

DIY coastal wall art with startfish

Helpful Tips for Decorating with Starfish

The DIY approach is one many want to follow as it not only is a fun pastime activity, but it shows the effort you put into your home. 

What are some of the best tips to keep in mind when decorating starfish?

  • Have all of your materials on hand
  • Before you start your decoration, find a few pictures you can refer to while you are busy with your masterpiece.
  • Do not stress too much. It is supposed to be a fun activity, not a perfect one.
  • You shouldn’t worry if the first few did not come out exactly as you had wished.
  • Try incorporating more materials such as glitter or even wood into your starfish.
  • A cut-out tool, scissors, or a carpet knife will do the trick.


Decorating for a beach or coastal theme using starfish is fun and exciting. There are many different options including DIY, canvas, and metal options. The sleek and yet fun nature of starfish makes them versatile for any situation. Do you have a favorite type of starfish decoration? Let us know in the comments below.


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