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7 Amazing Ways To Decorate A House With Turtles

7 Amazing Ways to Decorate a House with Turtle Designs

7 Amazing Ways To Decorate A House With Turtle DesignsThe idea of beach house decor is very popular in the design world at the moment, and it’s not hard to understand why. Living by the coast has a certain appeal that we can’t quite get from inland living. Whether it’s coastal colors or using ocean animals, it’s a design style that’s popular amongst all age groups.

There are many ways to make your home feel like paradise with just some creative additions. The following blog post will show you how to decorate your coastal home in turtle style!

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Catch the Eye with a Turtle Living Room Rug

The first item to consider is a living room rug. This can be the easiest and quickest way to add some coastal flair to your home decorating project. It’s vital that you find the perfect color, size, and pattern for what you want to create an aesthetically pleasing space. The rug should be large enough to accommodate seating and a coffee table, but this can vary according to individual preferences.

For example, this classy yet fun turtle and beach living room rug has a colorful turtle pattern without being overbearing.

Turtle Comforter and Bed Set

This is an easy way to make your bedroom feel like a true escape. There are many different styles of sheets available, so it’s important that you find the perfect ones for your taste and budget before heading out. Turtle bed sheets are perfect for the guest bedroom to create a fun ocean theme for guests or renters. 

Turtles are also a huge hit amongst kids. A set of turtle bed sheets will make it easier for the kids to get to bed on time if they have an incentive to head to the turtle room!

For example, this comforter and bed sheets come in various colors, perfect for anyone’s preferences.

Turtle Comforter set

Place Turtle Canvas Pictures Strategically

The perfect way to add a coastal touch to your wall decor is with some turtle canvas pictures. You can do this by painting the canvas or finding pre-made ones that best fit what you’re looking for in terms of design and color palette.

Depending on the theme that you are going for, there are natural ocean scape designs that make the pictures look like a natural habitat or there are more modern designed canvas paintings to fit more subtly into a home design.

For example: If you want something more whimsical, this cute little turtle will make an adorable
Turtle canvas wall art

Get Creative with Turtle Shower Curtains

The next thing to consider is a shower curtain. There are many different styles and designs available, but this can be the perfect way to create some extra room ambiance for your bathroom with just one easy purchase!

There are complete turtle sets that come with a shower curtain, bathroom mat, and matching towels as well. Or you can find the perfect subtle turtle shower curtain to maintain the theme but not be overbearing. 

We love using turtle designs in the public or guest bathroom to make the house more memorable. Who wouldn’t remember staying at the turtle house?

For example, This turtle shower curtain has an on-trend look that will make your home feel like you’re living at the beach.
turtle shower curtain for beach design

Enjoy Drinks with Turtle Coasters

One of the final items to consider is a set of turtle coasters. This can be the perfect finishing touch for your living room, and you’ll love how these colorful pieces will go with all kinds of design schemes! 

If you have a barroom or a sidebar with drinks this is a simple and inexpensive way to add turtles to the design without going too far.

For example, These cute sea turtle coasters are sure to delight anyone who receives them as a gift.
turtle coasters for the beach house

Turtle Wind Chimes

The last thing to consider is a set of turtle wind chimes. These are the perfect way to add an extra layer of ambiance for your coastal home with just one purchase, so don’t be afraid to get creative when picking out these items!

For example This beautiful beachfront scene will make you feel like you’re right there in

turtles wind chimes

Turtle Wine Bottle Holder

The final thing to consider is a turtle wine bottle holder. This can be the perfect way to display your favorite red, white, or blush wines in an aesthetically pleasing way!

For example, this beautiful yet funny turtle wine bottle holder.
Sea Turtle Wine Bottle Holder

DIY Turtle Design Ideas

If you want to get really creative, here are some great do-it-yourself projects for turtle decorations.

DIY Turtle Wall Decorations 

If you want something for your walls without having to put holes in them, these DIY projects are perfect.

For example: This is a fun and easy project that will take little time or skill to complete. Simply grab some string, ribbon, yarn or even shoelaces, and make small knots for the head of the turtle.

-Tie two lengths of elastic around each side of your wall

-Attach them together in three places with the string

-Thread the elastic through each knot and tie them around your wall to make a design of triangles.


One of our favorite DIY sea turtle wall decorations uses paper clay to make a stunning wall decorations.

DIY Seat Turtle Wall art

 This would be a great project for the kids to do one a rainy day by the coast.

DIY Sea Turtle Door Hanger

Why do Turtles Make Good Beach Decorations?

Turtles are not only an excellent decoration for beach houses, but they also have many other benefits. Turtles can serve as both an interior and exterior décor item, whether in the form of turtle figurines or sea animals that you might find on a seashell wall hanging.

One benefit is that turtles evoke feelings of happiness and family memories. The shapes and colors of turtles make for outstanding design elements in any home. Turtles symbolize a long life because they live so much longer than humans, with some species living up to 150 years!

What other beach decorations go well with turtles?

Seashells, sand dollars, and starfish are all symbols of the beach.

Turtles can make a great addition to these decorations because they are often found in quieter areas like seagrass beds or under rocks on beaches. Sea turtles also serve as essential members of their environment that keep ocean levels stable and provide nutrients for other species.

How Turtles Benefit Beach Houses:

Sea turtle populations provide stability and nutrients to ocean life. They also help filter water, which is important because when they get sick, it’s often transmitted down food chains to other animals.

Turtles are the ultimate symbol of slow down, relax and chill out. That is exactly the type of vibe that you want for a beach house.  

Sea turtles share many similarities with humans which is why they are often used in decorations. They have a heart, they have lungs and even lay eggs!

Fun Turtle Facts

  • Turtles live in saltwater and freshwater environments around the world.
  • Turtles are capable of eating both plants and meat.
  • Some turtles can live up to 150 years old!
  • There is one species that has been around since the time of dinosaurs – The Leatherback Sea Turtle. They can weigh more than 2000 pounds, they have a leathery shell instead of scutes (the hard part of a turtle’s shell).
  • They are the only turtles that have flippers on their front and back legs.
  • Turtles can be found on all seven continents, including Antarctica.
  • Males will compete with each other for females that they find attractive by doing headbutts until one of them backs down or is knocked over. They need to do this because female turtles are unable to move around and find food without the male.
  • Males will also fight over territory, with males of some species engaging in “jousting” matches where they present their hind legs for one another to kick at.”
  • Sea turtles can be found in a variety of colors and shapes
  • Turtles are symbols of longevity because they live longer than humans, with some species living up to 150 years!
  • Turtles were used as a symbol of wealth in ancient China


It’s clear that turtles are a great decoration for beach homes, so keep them in mind when buying new items or redecorating your current space. From shower curtains to wine bottle holders and more, there is always an opportunity to create an inviting home with these cute creatures!

For more decorating ideas that will help you create a coastal living environment, be sure to visit our blog post about how turtles can help you decorate your beach home.

What other ideas do you have for turtle decorations? Let us know in the comment section below!

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