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7 Biggest Indoor Home Decoration Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

7 Biggest Indoor Home Decoration Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

7 Biggest Indoor Home Decoration Mistakes And How To Avoid ThemIf you are like most homeowners, you may be considering remodeling your house or apartment. But before that can happen, it is important to understand the mistakes many people make when they are trying to decorate their homes.

This article will review 7 of the biggest indoor home decoration mistakes and how to avoid them so that you don’t fall victim!

The 7 Biggest Indoor Home Decorations Mistakes

The first home decoration mistake is that people have too much clutter in their homes. While this may not seem like such a big deal, it can make your home feel cluttered and busy which will deter from the natural beauty of your home or apartment. Many homeowners are guilty of keeping things because they think they might need them someday, but if you are not currently using it, you can always take a photo of the item or find an alternative to store it.

How will you know if your home is too cluttered?

First off, do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed when at home or feeling like the home is just too much work?

Do you find yourself looking for things in your home and not finding them right away, or feeling frustrated that it’s hard to figure out where something might be at home because of all the stuff around?

cluttered home

The second home decoration mistake is that people fail to use color correctly in their home decorating scheme. There are many homeowners who simply choose one dominant hue and paint all of their rooms with this same color; while they may think that this will unify the home, it actually makes your home feel incomplete.

It is important to create a balance of colors in each room and allow them to flow into one another so there are no jarring transitions between rooms.

Choosing the wrong paint color and Combinations

The home’s interior design can be ruined by choosing a bad paint color for your walls that clashes with furniture, flooring or other home furnishings. It is important to invest in professional help when deciding on this crucial decision so you don’t end up with buyer’s remorse and an unusable home.

Incorrect home furniture arrangement

One of the biggest home decoration mistakes is not considering how your home design will look with various layouts and arrangements before you purchase any new items to decorate a room, specifically when it comes to placement of couches, chairs, or bed frames in relation to one another. This may require a little trial and error to find the perfect home furniture arrangement that suits your home, but it’s worth spending time on.

furniture arrangement

Choosing the wrong home flooring material

Flooring is one of those details in home decorating that are often overlooked by homeowners who don’t want to spend much money upfront or can’t afford any costly mistakes like choosing the wrong home flooring material.

Try to not switch flooring without natural breaks in the house or rooms. Switching from tile to hardwood to carpet without a separation.

Choosing home furnishings that clash with one another or your home's interior design

It is important to consider all aspects of a home and how they work together before deciding what new products you want to purchase for your home space, as this could be costly if it turns out there are some major home decoration mistakes.

Try to stay with a specific theme or era without the house or especially within the same room. 

Classic and made of wood classes with modern and sleek. Keep consistent with the furnishings. 

Not considering home office needs when decorating a home.

If you have an important home business, it is crucial to think about how the home will work for this purpose before you re-decorate your home space with new furniture or other home furnishings.

Having a home office is even more important after COVID-19 pandemic where the trip from the home and the office is more commonly across the house.

home office

Create a nice work space with proper lighting. Make sure that the space is separated from the rest of the house to get quality time to focus. The line between work and home chores has become less clear.

Choosing home furnishings that are too big or small for home space.

For example, if you have an open floor plan home and want to place furniture in the living room to make it cozy but end up selecting pieces that won’t fit into your home layout design because they’re too large, then choosing home furnishing items of the wrong size is a home decoration mistake.

Where can you find interior decoration ideas?

  • home design magazines. Some of the most popular ones are interior design and house beautiful
  • home decoration ideas blog posts on popular home decor websites
  • Pinterest boards for home décor and interior designers. One of our favorite boards is Holly Jane.
  • Use HGTVs free streaming app to see new ideas from professional designers


The home is your space, so make sure you are happy with the home’s appearance and that it reflects who you are. The easiest way is to start by creating a plan and going with less first. If you then find you want to add more home décor, everything will work together and still look cohesive.

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