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7 Creative Ways to Use Sea Turtles for Outdoor Decoration

7 Creative Ways to Use Sea Turtles for Outdoor Decoration

Ever walk down the street and notice sea turtle statues on someone’s lawn? If you live in an area where sea turtles are commonly found, such as Florida or Hawaii, it is not uncommon to see sea turtle yard decor.

Sea turtles have been a symbol of rebirth and change for many years because they hatch from eggs that spend months buried in sand before emerging onto land for the first time. They’re also symbols of good luck, which makes them perfect yard decoration options!

They are one of our favorite animals in the ocean and one of our favorites to use as decorations around the house. This blog post will discuss 7 creative ways to use sea turtle statues as yard decorations.

We love decorating with turtles because of what they symbolize and how they make people feel. Turtles symbolize knowledge, wisdom, peace, and mother earth herself. Turtles make people smile and feel good on the inside whenever they see them.

7 Creative Ways to Use Sea Turtles for Outdoor DecorationKids love turtles from an early age and are one of the first animals that kids know by name. Just look at the success of the Ninja Turtles, who have defied the test of time and are still popular today.

Turtles are great for decorating your yard because they come in many different styles and sizes.

For example, sea turtle statues that look like they’re swimming or crawling can be used to represent sea turtles coming out of the ocean. Some sea turtles even have their mouths open as if to say hello.

Make a Turtle Statue the Focus of the Garden

large garden turtle statueA giant turtle statue is perfect for making the center focus on the garden. For any garden, there is usually something in the center that draws the viewer’s attention to look towards the center. For a coastal design, then a sea turtle would be perfect.

We love the Classic Large Turtle Garden Statue because of its size and stability. It’s the perfect focal piece. It is weather-resistant, not too flashy, and has excellent details in the design. This is bound to be a favorite feature of anyone who visits the house.

Have a Turtle Statue That Also Has Solar Lights

Everyone loves solar lights, and they are a great way to illuminate a walkway or even a path to the beach or hot tub. One of our favorite solar lights is actually in the shape of a turtle. This is much better than the typical black yard solar lights that stick out and are noticeable.

solar light turtle figurine for the yard
The turtle solar garden lights include different colors, can last for 10 hours on a single charge, and we love the colorful decoration. This statue is weather-resistant and is functional by providing light and a great decoration for the outdoors.

Decorate the Yard with Smaller Turtle Statues

two turtle statues for the yard
The Toscano double turtle statues are so life-like! We love the intricate detail and color of these two turtles. These are made from polyresin material, making them durable and weather-resistant.

If you have a pond or a small fountain, these are the perfect decoration to put along the side of the pond for that extra added decoration. These statues are 7 inches wide and 3 inches tall, so they can be placed in various locations and can even be a good gift for that turtle lover.

A Resin Turtle Statue that can Spice Up Your Yard

This Resin Turtle statue is a beast! At nearly 9 pounds in weight and 1-foot by 2-feet in size, a small child could sit on this for a seat in the yard. Made from high-quality resin and sized much larger than any other statue, this is the ultimate yard decoration. Resin turtle statue for the gardenIt’s weather-resistant and tolerates almost any climate without issue. We love using this statue size as the focal point of the guard or as if it is climbing on a rock out of the ground.

4 Colorful Baby Turtles to Add More Life to the Garden

What’s cuter than baby turtles? Well, nothing, of course, that’s why we love these 4 colorful baby turtles. They are made from 100% polyresin so that they can do indoors and outdoors. We love the idea of placing them on the side of a pergola, wall, or fence as if they are crawling up the side of the wood. When the sun hits these figurines, the colors pop.
4 colorful baby turtle figures for the garden

If you have small kids as guests or in your family, we can guarantee these will quickly become a favorite possession and go everywhere with your kiddo.

A Set of Metal Turtle Outdoor Wall Decorations

Metal Turtle Wall Art for outsideIf you like the idea of wall art that pops and you want turtles, then the set of 3 metal turtle wall decorations are perfect for you. These come in 4 different color options and are hand-painted to ensure that they are rust-resistant.

They have a 3-d appearance so that they pop off the wall or side of the house. We love placing these on the back of the house on the deck so that it looks like the turtles are crawling on the side of the house.

A Turtle Windchime for the Ocean Breeze

One of the best ways to enjoy the light coastal breeze is with turtles in a wind chime. This Turtle Windchime comes with 5 turtles hanging down, waiting to be blown in the wind.
turtle windchime This is perfect for placing on a treat in the garden or off the back patio to listen to the breeze coming through in the morning and smelling the salt water. Is there anything else that makes you know you are at the beach than the smell of the ocean?

Tips For Decorating the Garden and Yard with Turtles

These are some of our favorite sea turtle yard decorations and what we think will be your favorites too. Finding the perfect decoration is all about personal preference, so hopefully, you can find something that fits your style. There are some helpful decoration tips to have that ideal garden decoration scheme.

Pick a Size of Decoration

This is one of the most important parts because some sea turtles can be as giant as a child! We love more miniature decorations such as those on our list, but some people may want something larger to decorate their garden with. The biggest sea turtle statue we found in our search was almost 100 pounds! Make sure to match the size of the decoration with the size of the space. A large statue doesn’t often fit well with a tiny outdoor space and vice versa.

Plan to Match with Plants

If you have large garden decorations, it may be wise to pick one that matches the type of plants and flowers going into your garden. Sea turtles can fit well if you have a tropical-themed area all year long, but if you only want them out during the summer months or spring/fall seasons, they might not fit the decor. Likewise, the desert landscape might not look great with a whale or seashell decoration. Have the plants match the theme.

turtle statue in the garden with plants

Location Location Location

This is another big one. If you are looking for sea turtle yard decorations, then where exactly do they go? The great thing about sea turtles is that they can be placed in multiple locations, so it’s not just limited to the garden or outside area of your home. If you have a large decoration, it often makes sense to have it in the center of the yard or garden. If you have smaller decorations, subtly place them around the outside of the plants to make their use more fitting for their size.

Stick to a Theme

Try to make sure that you stick to a theme with all of your decorations and not switch. It gets confusing if you go from a coastal theme to a rustic theme to a desert theme. To make things easier, try matching with colors, such as picking sea green for sea turtles or sea blue for whales. This will help connect the sea turtle yard decorations and create a theme that your family can enjoy all year long.

More Decoration Isn’t Always Better.

When you are decorating outside, more isn’t always better. You can have too many garden statues and too many decorations. A few well-placed garden decorations go a long way without being overbearing. Balance is essential, and finding the right piece is more important.


Sea turtle yard decorations are perfect for the sea life lover or anyone that wants to decorate their garden differently. Decorating your home with sea turtles allows you to share the love of sea life and create memories through decoration.


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