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Sand removal beach hacks

7 Fantastic Ways to Get Sand Off of Your Feet and Body: Beach Hacks

How to get sand of your feet and bodySpending a day on the beach is one of the most relaxing things you can do. But, dealing with all the sand you track into the car or house can end your day on a sour note.

Next time you hit the beach, skip the frustration of finding sand everywhere for days. Learn how to leave it at the beach with these 7 hacks.

7 Ways to Remove Sand After Leaving the Beach

From products to practices, here are 7 ways to remove sand from your feet and body. 

Use a Powder Pouch Sand Remover

Have you ever heard of sand remover powder pouches? Up until recently, neither had I!

These hidden gems are great at removing sand. They come in several different sizes and colors, but all work the same way. 

  • Dust your feet with it 
  • Let it sit for a couple of minutes
  • Brush off all of the sand easily!

These pouches contain talcum powder. The talcum powder soaks up the moisture. As you rub your leg with the bag, the sand falls off. The best part is that the talcum powder doesn’t get everywhere at the same time.

It’s essentially the same as using baby powder, but without the mess.

Rinse off the Sand in the Beach Showers

One of the best ways to remove sand from your body is a beach shower.

Rinse off in the beach showerMany beaches have public showers with fresh water, so you can rinse off before going home or back to the hotel. Beach showers are a great way to remove sand and saltwater from your skin after spending time at the beach. 

Make sure you have your sandals ready and waiting to avoid picking up more sand on the way to the car. 

Use Baby Powder for the Sand to Fall Off

Baby powder works similarly to Powder pouches, and in some cases is more cost-effective. 

  • Sprinkle some powder on sand-covered legs
  • Shake each leg so that all of the sand comes right off! 

This method is also great for getting sand out of clothes and other items you might have with you at the beach.

Baby powder will not harm your skin or sandals, so it’s a great way to rid yourself of sand. This method makes for a simple and easy cleanup process after spending a day at the beach!

This idea is perfect for little kids and for getting sand out of cracks and crevices that can be hard to clean.

Try Using a Spare Paint Brush

Pack your paintbrush in your beach bag! It’s lightweight, inexpensive, and won’t take up too much space. 

If sand is stuck on your feet, you can use a spare paintbrush to simply “paint” it off. For even easier removal, sprinkle talcum powder on your brush. This helps dry the sand up, making it easier to brush off. 

beach sand brush to get sand off skinThis is an easy method with very little cleanup. Your kids will probably love to help paint the sand off mom and dad, too!

You can also use a sand brush that is gentle on the skin and easily brushes of sand in seconds.

Take care not to drop your brush in any water or get it wet. A damp brush doesn’t work as well as a dry one.

Bring a Bucket of Water to Dip Your Feet In

This one is a double win. Bring a bucket to rinse your feet off, but make sure it’s a good sand castle building bucket, too! sandcastle

Fill a bucket with water and use it to rinse offWhen sand gets stuck on your feet, simply dip them in the water and lift them back up! This method will allow sand to easily come off before getting home or even heading back into the car.

The only issue we have found is sand getting stuck on sandals. To avoid this, make sure that sand is completely brushed off your sandals before placing them back onto your feet.

While this method can be pretty fun, it does require a little lifting. You’ll probably have to fill the bucket with ocean water and carry it some distance to the sidewalk or pavement.

Carry Around a Welcome Mat to Rub Your Feet Own

Who said welcome mats are just for front doors? You might get a few weird looks when you’re carpooling, but you’ll have the last laugh when you use it to catch all that loose sand. 

A welcome mat is easy to slide underneath a seat or simply lie in the back of the car. Simply rub your feet on the outside of the car and get sand off that way. This method is beautiful in its simplicity. Just wipe your feet!

Choose your Car Mat carefully for the best results. We recommend using mats with longer fibers. Be sure to dust the mat off before putting it back in the car.

Wait for the Moisture to Evaporate

Dry first, then dust the sand offFinally, the last method is to chill out. Once you make it off the beach grab yourself a cool bottle of water and wait. 

Take a few minutes to rehydrate while you, and the sand stuck to you, dries. Once the sand and skin dry out, you simply give your legs a little shake or a good rub with a towel. All the sand falls off.

How to Get Sand Off Yourself at the Beach

Why Does Sand Stick to Skin?

Sand sticks to your body because it doesn’t dissolve in water. The water creates surface tension between the sand and your skin.

This surface tension creates little water bridges between each grain and makes it easy to stick to other surfaces such as skin, toys, shoes, etc.

This is also why dry sand does not stick to skin nearly as well as wet sand.


Ultimately sand is a little bit of a pain to get off, but these sand removal hacks make it quick and easy to leave the sand at the beach. Remember, dry sand is easier to brush off. 

Hope this helps your next beach day go a little smoother and your ride home a little less sandy.

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Sand removal beach hacks

7 Fantastic Ways to Get Sand Off of Your Feet and Body: Beach Hacks

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