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7 Helpful Tips For Decorating The Guest Bedroom

7 Helpful Tips for Decorating the Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom is a difficult room to decorate. Whether you’re hosting your in-laws for the holidays or have out-of-town guests, it’s important to make sure that this space reflects your personal style and feels comfortable.

There are so many easy and inexpensive ways to create a beautiful and inviting guest bedroom. To help with this, we’ve compiled 7 helpful tips for making the most of your guest bedroom!

Why? Because bold colors can be shock to a guest. Yes it can be fun to go with extreme colors and designs but in the end how do you want the guest to remember your house? As the one with intense yellow room? Or as the one with all of the weird decorations.

7 Helpful Tips For Decorating The Guest BedroomPick muted shades of green or blue if you want something cheerful but not too loud; try light neutrals such as taupe, gray, cream or white if you want something more soothing; or go with a dark color such as navy blue or brown to achieve a cozy feeling.

Pain is an easy and inexpensive way to immediately change the feel of a room and it’s easy enough to change later.

Choose a Focal Point for Decorating

Choose one focal point for the bedroom and keep everything else simple. If your guest is staying for only one night, they won’t be able to fully appreciate all of your design ideas in time: so choose a single focal point to draw their attention and keep everything else simple.

You can use a piece of art or decoration as the focus, then choose complementary colors for the rest of your decorating scheme.

Woven seagrass wall decoration for a coastal themeYou can use a piece of art or decoration as the focus, then choose complementary colors for the rest of your decorating scheme. Some examples include:

  • Pictures on Walls
  • A large wall decoration such as this woven sea grass wall art
  • Arrays of Decorative Pillows
  • Rugs that Match the Bed Spread

If you have just one focal point in the room, it should be something eye-catching and beautiful that should bring the eye of the person to that area when entering the room.

Invest in comfortable linens including pillows and mattresses

Loose-weave cotton sheets are a popular choice for their ability to stay cool in the summer and warm in winter. Egyptian cotton is also common, though it’s typically more expensive than other types of bedding. It can be worth investing if you plan on having guests often or want your bedroom to feel luxurious.

There is nothing more amazing than sliding into a clean made bed with soft and comfortable sheets after a long day of playing at the beach. 

Comfortable bed sheets

We recommend having multiple sets of sheets on hand to make it easy to quickly change between guests. Having multiple sets may factor into the cost and choice.

How Firm of a mattress should you have in the guest bedroom?

A firm mattress is best for guests so they can sleep comfortably. If you have a guest room with limited space, you might want to choose an adjustable bed that will be more comfortable than your average futon and folding-out couch combination.

In general, people with back pain and other orthopedic injuries prefer having a semi-firm to firm mattress to give support to their aches and pains. the majority of Americans have some type of chronic aches and pains.

Customize the Lighting in the Room

Old Fashioned LED lantern for a guest bedroom lightingSconces are generally placed near headboards or on walls that are darker in color to create a cozy mood. If you want something more decorative than just a plain light bulb, consider using an oil lamp or one of those old-fashioned lanterns for your guest bedroom.

Lighting can be used as the focal point of any room and it doesn’t have to only serve its practical purposes. In this room, you can use lighting to create a romantic and calming mood.

Lighting can set the tone of any room in your guest bedroom from anything that is soft and soothing to something more modern with bright colors; it’s all up to you!

The most important thing when designing this room would be making sure there was enough light for guests to navigate the room, find their luggage, and not trip on anything.

  • Sconces are generally placed near headboards or on walls that are darker in color to create a cozy mood.
  • Add extra lighting in strategic places such as overhead lights near beds and desk areas where you’ll need light when doing work or reading.

Add Small Accents of personal style

This can be items such as art pieces from your own collection, a favorite chair or a reading lamp to make the space feel like home.

Sheers or sheaths can be used to dress up a sheer window for an elegant feel. Hang them at the top of the windowsill, and attach rings along each side (or use curtain clips) so they look great when open but easy to close when you need privacy.

A plant adds life to any space while also filtering the air. A beautiful succulent on a coffee table or shelf is perfect for the guest bedroom, and it will only need to be watered every few weeks!

Add a tray of drinks and snacks by the bedside, along with any reading material you think they might enjoy. Create an easy-to-access charging station near their side of the bed for their phone and other devices. This will save them from having to get up if they need to check something or charge a device.

drink tray for guest

Provide extra pillows in the guest bedroom so visitors can adjust their sleep position more easily.Spare Pillows are a great place to have fun with pillow cases as they aren’t always in the visual field. The perfect pillow is an essential component of any good night’s rest!

Choose furniture that is multifunctional so Guests Can Actually Use it

Guest Bedroom Furniture: With so many different styles to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect piece of furniture for your guest bedroom. The key is finding pieces that are multifunctional and can double as a dining room chair or sofa for everyday living. When guests visit, they should feel at home when sitting on their bed and enjoying a cup of tea.

Modern Furniture: This style is sleek, minimalistic and perfect if you want to keep your space clean while adding some personality with color accents or personal items that are on display

Traditional Furniture: This style usually includes more decorative furniture pieces and a variety of colors or patterns

Industrial Furniture: This style is perfect for guests who appreciate a rustic vibe. Pieces are typically made from distressed wood, metal, leather or cotton rope

Mid Century Furniture: If you’re trying to create an eclectic look in your space then this is the style for you. Pieces come in a wide range of colors and shapes

Create a Comfort Area for Guests

Creating an area for guests with some of your favorite books, magazines, reading lights and other items so they have something to do while visiting.

Keep a basket or a bin by the door where you can stash things that would otherwise clutter up more space in the room: spare towels, toiletries set out just before their departure date. You can also store a few extra phone chargers for when their phone dies.

Chair in bedroom

Things you may want to include in the guest bedroom:

  • An area where guests can put on makeup or style their hair (if they need)
  • Books, magazines and reading lights so they have something to do while visiting. If someone is staying with you for an extended period of time, it’s always a good idea to have some books on the topic that they are coming for.
  • A dresser or closet with plenty of storage so guests can be efficient with their packing and room space while staying at your place
  • “Guest” towels in either a different color scheme than what you use for yourself and are another fun item that you can decorate with the theme of the house


Guests should have their own, comfortable sleeping area. Create a guest bedroom that is both cozy and welcoming with an inviting bed, enough pillows for everyone to enjoy a comfortable sleep, fresh linens on the bed (or air mattress), reading materials, favorite music playing in the background, and perhaps even some of their favorite items if you know them well.

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