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7 Things Every Beach House Rental Needs

7 Things All Great Beach Rental Houses Must Have

Must Haves for a Successful Beach RentalFor many families, summer means extended vacations at the beach. Finding a beach house, condo, or hotel offering all the necessary amenities is often a challenge. 

If you own a beach house and plan to rent it out, it’s important to include these amenities to stand out and keep guests coming back. 

This blog post will go over 7 things that every coastal rental house must have to be an awesome rental property!

A Helpful Welcome Book

Include a welcome book with important info for your guestsThis is a must-have for rental houses that are planning to host guests from AIRBNB or VRBO. The welcome book should include:

  • Important information about the house
  • Favorite local attractions
  • Fun things to do in the area
  • WiFi name and password

You should also include clear expectations for the house, including no shoes inside or tips to prevent sand from being tracked throughout the house.

To make things easier on yourself and clear for the guest, include a clear check-out checklist, Things to include: 

  • Strip the bedding
  • Take the trash out
  • Close and lock the windows and doors
  • Reset the thermometer
  • Start the dishwasher

It will also be helpful if you provide emergency numbers like a local veterinarian, plumber, or the contact of the managing rental agency just in case something goes wrong during their stay.

Access to Cleaning Supplies

Make your guest feel at home by providing all the essentials. Beach vacations are supposed to be relaxing. Save them a trip(or more) to the store. Consider stocking your rental with: 

  • A bottle of dish soap
  • A broom and dustpan
  • Laundry detergent
  • Toilet paper and paper towels
  • Trash bags
  • Bath towels 

Provide Cleaning Supplies Even though you will have a cleaning crew come in and deep clean between guests, the renters will still need access to basic cleaning supplies.

It’s best to have these in areas that are out of reach of young kids to avoid any accidents. Help renters find these items by clearly labeling them as “cleaning supplies”.

A Stocked Kitchen

Keep a fully stocked kitchenThe main benefit of staying in a rental house vs a hotel is the ability to use a full kitchen. However, there is nothing more frustrating than looking for something that you need to cook a meal and it’s not there.

Some important items to include in the kitchen are:

  • a blender for mixing drinks, frappes, and smoothies
  • a knife set that actually works, to ensure all your cutting needs are met with the right blade for the job
  • Pots and pans of various sizes make cooking a fast or slow process depending on what you’re in the mood for.
  • It’s also important to have plenty of cookware and plates and to keep them out of reach of small children.
  • Storage Bowls and mixing bowls
  • Mugs, drinking glasses, and pitchers
  • Coffee pot and filters
  • Cutting board
  • Plenty of towels
  • Soap and dishwasher fluid

Access to Outdoor Recreational Toys

What good would a beach house be without access to the beach and beach toys? Some of the best items to have at your rental include paddleboards, boogie boards, beach cruiser bikes, and even beach chairs.

Toys and activities for the beach These items can take an ordinary beach vacation and fill it with adventure.


SUP’s are a must-have for rental houses that are near the beach. We recommend getting inflatable paddle boards so that they take up less space and still are durable. You can get an inexpensive pair online quite easily, and they will provide hours of easy entertainment.

Boogie Boards

Boogie boards are also great to have around the house because they’re small and easy to store in closets or drawers when not in use. These are great fun for families with small kids and easy to transport to the beach.
boogie board for the beach

Beach Cruiser Bikes

Beach cruiser bikes are ideal for rental properties that are just a bit further than walking distance to local attractions. Beach cruiser bikes are easy to store in the garage or a shed on property. They don’t have to be fancy, but should be maintained regularly to avoid rust and safety issues for users.

Beach Chairs

It’s also important to have enough beach chairs so that everyone has one available without having to fight for a spot on the sand. Some rental houses will even provide umbrellas for renters to use on the beach.

beach chair set for 2 adultsOne of the things that that rental owners worry about is theft. With the introduction of Apple Air Tags, you can place these on the equipment and then you can track their location from any smartphone device should anything go missing.

Having a damage deposit is another thing to consider. Hold renters responsible for damages to ensure they are careful with your items.

Access to a Washer and Dryer

Provide access to a washer and dryerIf your rental house is on the beach, then you can guarantee that your renters are going to want to do laundry.

This would include wet beach towels, clothes from the beach, and anything that gets sweaty from the warm and humid climate.

Instead of locking away the washer and dryer, rental houses should have these two items easily available and stocked with laundry detergent. Leave written instructions on how to properly use the washer and dryer to make it easier for your guests. 

Pro Tip:

Make youtube videos of how to use all the appliances in the house and have easily accessible links to make it easy for the guests.

A Great Outdoor Living Space

Give guests a great space to hang outsideHaving a rental house on the beach is great, but what about when it rains?

Some rental houses have outdoor living spaces that are covered and heated so that renters can be warm while they read, watch TV, or even play cards. These areas should also have gas grills for cooking and fire pits for roasting marshmallows.

Top rental houses are equipped with high-quality outdoor furniture that is durable and able to withstand the elements of being an outdoor living space near the beach. Due to the constant humidity, rain, wind, and salty air be sure that your outdoor space can withstand anything that the elements give it.

An Easy Way To Contact the Owner or Rental Company

We recommend that rental houses have a phone number or email address in the rental agreement.

This way renters can easily contact you with any questions they may have without having to go through an unknown process and waiting for someone to reply.

I can’t tell you how frustrating it is when you rent a place, something goes wrong, and there is no one to get a hold of for help.

This rental agreement should also include a rental company in case something goes wrong with the rental property or damage is caused to it. The rental company can then take care of all repairs at no expense to the renter.

Tips for Designing a Vacation Rental


Some rental houses are better than others. The coastal rental house that is successful will have all the amenities your guests need for a relaxing time at the beach. Incorporate these seven things in your beach rental and watch the 5-star reviews and returning guests roll in.

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