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Going to the beach in the rain

Going to the Beach When it’s Raining: All You Need to Know

What to do at the beach in the rainSummer fun often means heading to the beach. But, what happens when it rains on your beach day? Before you change your plans, think about hitting the sand in the rain. It can be just as enjoyable as any sunny day at the beach. 

Whether you want to go swimming in the ocean or just hang out on the shoreline, there are plenty of things to do at the beach when it’s raining. In this blog post, we’ll review all you need to know about going to the beach when it rains, including: 

  • Safety
  • What to worry about, or what not to worry about
  • Great activities that will keep everyone entertained regardless of rain

Yes! It may not be as warm and sunny as going to the beach on a beautiful summer day, but it is still possible to go to the beach in the rain. In fact, for those who like going into cold water or surfing during storms, going when it’s raining can bring more waves and bigger ones at that.

One of the best times to go to the beach is when it’s raining. There are fewer people, better smells, and it provides a unique experience that you don’t get every day. We’ll cover safety concerns, but don’t be afraid to give it a try.

Most kids spent rainy days bored inside, but my parents always said, “If it’s raining, go outside.”

Safety Concerns for going to the Beach in the Rain

Going to the beach in the rain is fun, but there are some safety concerns to keep in mind. 

Riptides During a Storm

Riptides are fast currents going out to sea. They’re dangerous because they can carry you along the shoreline and away from land, making it difficult for even strong swimmers to get back safely. 

If you find yourself caught in a riptide: 

  • Don’t panic! 
  • Use your energy wisely by staying afloat while fighting against the current. 
  • Once you’re out of the current, swim parallel to shore instead of going towards land.

Ocean Pollution and Cloudy Waters

It may not be as blue and clear as going into the ocean on a sunny day, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t safe. While going to the beach in stormy conditions tends to bring more trash than going during sunny weather, it shouldn’t stop you from going into the ocean. 

Just be smart about where you’re going and remember that there are more people on land than in the water since storms bring more giant waves to shore!

Predators in the Water

Sharks are often active before and after stormsGoing to the beach during stormy weather can bring more riptides, but it also brings predators closer to shore. Sharks are less likely to attack swimmers in storms because there is a lot of food and activity, which distracts them from people swimming nearby. 

Bull sharks tend to be most active when going into the water before and after a storm, so be extra careful to avoid going too far away from shore, and don’t go out during a full moon either. That’s when they’re most active.

Of course, there are other concerns to take note of, such as getting stuck in mud or sand. Even though these might not seem like a huge problem, going into the water can make it worse. If you’re going to go into the ocean in a storm, try to stay away from sandbars and sticks because these could lead to getting stuck there.

Beaches that have water Runoff

For storms with river runoff or storm drains nearby, watch out for bacteria, trash, and an increased risk of infection. If the beach you are at has any of these, we recommend you leave if it begins to rain hard at all. The rain washes trash and disease from the surrounding area, and it drains down to the water and beach.

A study from UC Irvine found that fecal bacteria levels were 500% higher than bathing water standards after a rainstorm in Southern California. It’s best to wait 72 hours after an extensive rainstorm before going to the beach with runoff.

Fun Activities to do at the Beach in the Rain

If you find out that you won’t melt when it’s raining, what are the best things to do at the beach in the rain? Everyday things, except they are more fun and memorable now!

Watch the Rain Under Shelter

This is one of the best things to do at the beach when it’s raining. Not only does going under shelter keep you dry, but this also gives a great excuse to relax and enjoy watching the rain coming down. Sometimes there can be lightning or thunder, which makes going into the water dangerous. We recommend going somewhere like an outdoor restaurant next to the beach, under a big tree near the beach, or under a canopy that can withstand some wind.

Watching as the rain falls into the ocean and trickles down the sides of the bluffs is one of the most relaxing things to watch Be sure to take the time to enjoy it.

Dig in the Sand While it’s Raining

Build Sand Castles in the rainDigging in the sand is one of our favorite activities to do when going to the beach in the rain. Not only does it give you something else to focus on, but digging and playing with water can be a fun way to pass the time during stormy weather. It’s also another great excuse for getting messy!

Wet sand is better for making killer sand castles and sand structures, so you and your family can make whole villages out of the sand. It’s also fun to build rivers and damns from the sand and make new landscapes in the sand.

Go Swimming, You’re Already Wet

Going swimming in the rain is one of the best things to do. It’s fun, refreshing, and swimming underneath the water while the raindrops hit the water surfaces is amazing to watch. Bring some goggles to see how the water and the surface changes with the difference in raindrops.

If significant waves are crashing onto shore, this can be dangerous and even more risky if it’s raining hard enough for riptides or rip currents to form. It’s best to swim in the rain when there aren’t too many waves or rip currents going on at your beach, but it is still fun and refreshing all around!

Go Surfing in the Rain

Hit the waves in the rainSurfing is a great way to have fun going into the rain. Not only do you get to catch some waves, but going during a storm provides a fantastic experience that not many people can say they’ve been through before!

The waves are often less crowded when it’s raining, so it’s the perfect time to get more practice and reps on the water without having to fight for the best waves. You can go to some of the best spots that are often overcrowded or full of tourists.

The waves are also bigger and more frequent after and during a rainstorm. There are storm surges so just be cautious and safe if you’re out there alone.

It’s important to note that going surfing in dangerous storms or after large rainfalls might be risky and could lead to injuries.

Surfing in the Rain

When Should You Leave the Beach If It’s Raining

Although going to the beach in a rainstorm is fun, there are certain times when you should leave. We recommend going home if it starts thundering at all with loud or crackling noises that sound close by or nearby because this can be very dangerous, and lightning strikes could happen.

Be aware of any larger waves because this could mean a dangerous rip current has formed from all of the rain going into the ocean. These can be very dangerous and can lead to drowning in some cases, so we recommend going home when you feel uncomfortable with the waves forming.

Going to the beach alone should be avoided in a storm as well. The rip currents and other dangers such as predators pose a risk for going to the beach alone.

Going to the Beach with Lightning

It’s important to note that going to the beach with lightning in the immediate area or nearby is very dangerous and could lead to severe injuries. The risk of being struck by lightning is real and should not underestimate.

If you see lightning and hear thunder in under 30 seconds, the lightning is within 6 miles of your location, and you should seek shelter. It’s vital to get out of the water. Once the storm has moved past, you can count greater than 30 seconds. You can be confident it’s safe to return to the beach even if it’s raining.


There are many fun things to do at the beach while it’s raining. It’s a mindset that we all need to get away from that rain is bad weather. Although going surfing can be very rewarding and enjoyable, you must be aware of any dangerous waves going on or rip currents in the area before going swimming.

It’s important to note that going to the beach during a rainstorm is fun and refreshing, but there are times when it’s best not to go into the rain, such as if you’re going alone, there’s a risk for pollution that’s dangerous to your health, or there is a risk for dangerous riptides. Enjoy the rain!

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