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How To Decorate Your Beach House With Shark Designs

How to Decorate Your Beach House with Shark Designs – A Helpful Guide

How To Decorate Your Beach House With Shark Designs – A Helpful GuideWhat do you get when you mix a beach house with shark designs? A beautiful and unique home that is sure to stand out from the rest. Sharks are amazing animals that symbolize the coast, beach, and ocean. They make perfect animals to feature as a design element because of what they symbolize and how well they establish the coastal theme.

The intent of this article is to help guide the best way to decorate your beach house with these underwater creatures in mind. We will start by discussing some popular design inspirations, before going into how to create your own custom pieces for any room in your home!

Decorating with Sharks in the Bathroom

The bathroom is a great place to add coastal elements. There is something about water in the bathroom and water in the ocean. Some simple places to add sharks are the hand towels hanging in the bathroom, soap dispensers, or bathroom rugs.

shark bathroom

For less subtle ways to design a shark bathroom, you can go all out with a shark shower curtain. Have young boys? They will love the boldness of a sharp shower curtain and it might even make them more inclined to shower after a day at the beach.

Decorating with Sharks in the Living Room

The living room is a great place to enjoy sharks. In the spring and summer, you can have fun with some shark-themed throw pillows. You could also get creative on your coffee table by adding sharks that are resting in water or sharks that are lurking under the surface of an ocean reef!
A Shark Rug for the Living RoomA shark indoor rug is also a fun way to bring sharks into your living room. This rug is perfect for areas that need some extra padding and it will add color instead of just being an accessory! The rug is our favorite way to decorate with bold animal designs because they are switched out so easily.

Sand Colored Hardwood Flooring

Using hardwood flooring to mimic the color of sand. Hardwood floors also go great with blues and grays of shark-colored tones. Hardwood flooring is also spectacular for dirt and sand management. If you have kids running into the house with sand on their feet it’s easier to clean up on the hardwood.

Beige or sand-colored hardwood flooring also fits well with grays and blue color scheme, which is the color of most sharks. This color combination makes everything fit in a modern design pattern and easy to switch out animals or other design focuses.

Adding Shark Designs to the Kitchen

The kitchen is an area where subtle design elements go a long way. The bathroom can handle bold designs, but the kitchen classy and sleek wins the cake.

One idea is to have sharks in the form of artwork hanging on the walls above the sink or on the accent wall.

Another idea is for sharks to make up a tablecloth, placemats, or magnets that hang from the fridge with a grocery list or house rules.

A third suggestion would be placing shark designs all over your kitchen towels and dishcloths.

Sharks as a Design in the Bedroom

The bedroom is another place where going big and bold can be a huge success, particularly the guest bedroom or kids’ room if there are bunk beds. What kid wouldn’t want to sleep in the shark room?

Sharks can be used on sheets, pillows, curtains, and wall art to create a home with an understated ocean theme. Paint the wall a dark ocean blue to mimic a shark’s natural living environment.

Utilize sharks for your bedding and furniture – this will create an oceanic atmosphere and give people a feeling of calmness when they enter your home. You could use blue sheets with sharks or sharks as pictures on the headboard.

 shark Bed sheets for boys room

There are great canvas pictures of sharks that would go well in a room like this or framed movie posters such as Jaws or Meg.

Sharks as an Outdoor Design Element

This is a great way to add sharks without even having to venture inside the house.

A few items that are good for outdoor design elements would be sharks in artwork, plants with shark names such as palm trees or ferns, and sharks on chairs with cushions made of sharkskin material.

Sharks on pillows can also be a great idea for the outdoor couch.

outdoor shark sign

A little DIY project that is easy to do would be painting sharks on candles or small items such as coasters so you have something fun to look at while entertaining

You can tray stenciling sharks on the deck or front entrance steps to know that people are coming to the beach. Trust me no one will ever forget staying at the shark house.

Shark Lampshades and Light Switches

Include a few sharks in the theme of your design, like lampshades or curtains. This is an easy way to decorate with sharks at home without going overboard and spending a lot on expensive items. These are subtle ways to incorporate a design without going overboard. This is great for a guest room or master suite.

 Shark Lampshade

Finally, the light switch panel is that little touch that shows you’ve really thought hard and made a huge effort to welcome guests and make their stay memorable. Each time someone shuts of the light they will see the sharks.

Shark Decoration Recommendations:

– Try and incorporate sharks into every design – this will create a cohesive feel to your home without it feeling too cluttered or overwhelming

– If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas just look online at websites like Pinterest. You can find many pins on how to decorate your whole house with sharks

– Use sharks to symbolize courage and greatness. It will give you motivation in your design

– Add a touch of that beachy feel by adding some sand or seashells on the coffee table or desk for people to see as they walk into your house

– Freshen up your home with new paint colors every few years – this will be a cost-effective way to re-decorate your house without buying new items

– Another alternative to sharks is sea turtles or other creatures found in the ocean, but sharks are usually more popular than others

Fun Facts About Sharks

  • sharks can be found in freshwater as well
  • sharks have been around for about 450 million years
  • sharks eat every day and need to keep swimming constantly or they will die. They are often seen sleeping with their eyes open because they’re only resting, not dead!
  • sharks like to hunt prey by using senses like smell and hearing. They also have an amazing sense of sight!
  • sharks are usually found in the water but some like to swim around on land, too – this is called a dogfish shark
  • sharks only live for about 15 years which is why they need to hunt as many times as possible during that time frame
  • sharks don’t have bones and instead are made of cartilage. They also never stop growing
  • sharks have a great sense of smell that helps them find prey from miles away!


Sharks are found in the deep blue ocean but can also be seen on sandy beaches. These sharks should be used as a focal point of your design and they will create an authentic beach feel to your home. There is no need to go overboard with sharks – it’s best if one aspect has sharks so that people don’t get overwhelmed by sharks.

You can use sharks in various ways to decorate your home, whether it be for bedding or furniture pieces. It’s important to freshen up these home items every few years with new colors so that people won’t get bored of looking at the same things all over again.

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