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Palm Tree Christmas Decor Ideas and Options

Palm Tree Christmas Decor Ideas and Options: A Fun Guide

Hello from hot and sunny Florida… even in December, where it’s currently a balmy 89 degrees out! It can be a little hard to get into the Christmas spirit in this heat, but tropical decorating can be fun! 

In addition to heat and humidity, we also have an abundance of palm trees. I have three in my yard alone.

I’ve always skipped over them when it came time to decorate for the holidays. I decided to change that this year. I made it my mission to find the cutest way to decorate my palm trees for Christmas, and let me tell you… I am so glad I did! 

Palm Tree Christmas Decor Ideas and Options A Fun Guide

If you’re looking for ways to dress up palm trees in your yard, I’ve gathered a few of my favorites to share with you here. 

Nothing says classic Christmas like a few hundred (or thousand) twinkling lights. I found a few creative ways to wrap, drape, and hang lights from Palm trees. 

Firework Palm Tree

Who doesn’t love fireworks? This method of wrapping turns any palm tree into a firework frozen in time. 

  • Use indoor/outdoor twinkle lights to run up the base. (This 165-foot strand is extra sparkly for that firework effect.)
  • Choose 6-7 of the lower fronds to run lights on, or more if you want a fuller firework. 
  • Use zip ties to attach the strands to the underside of the fronds. 
  • When you get to the end of the frond, simply run the strand back towards the center. 
  • Repeat with as many fronds as desired to get the look you want. 

Firework lights in Palm Tree

Vintage-Inspired lights

I am a sucker for those oversized, colorful, vintage lights. I would love to have them all over the place. Unfortunately, the rest of my family prefers classic white lights everywhere. So, that’s what we have all along our roofline and hedges. Everywhere you look… white Christmas lights. 

That’s why this simple idea is one of my favorites. I found these Vintage-inspired bulbs on a 25-foot strand that I think will look perfect on my palms! If you decide to go with this one, the method is up to you.

  • Use zip ties to secure them tightly to the fronds only. 
  • Wrap the base of the palm tree. 
  • Or my favorite: loosely drape the lights from several fronds using zip ties to secure near the trunk and at the end of each frond. I think this will create a charming umbrella effect. 

Whichever method you choose, the vintage-inspired look is sure to bring some Christmas cheer to your palms. 

Vintage Christmas lights on a palm tree

Meteor Shower Lights from Branches

Skip the twinkle lights and opt for these meteor lights, instead. Your palm trees will look like they’re dripping celestial magic from their fronds. 

Wrap It All Up

Meteor Shower Christmas lights on a tree

Start at the base of your palm tree and wrap the lights of your choice in a tight spiral up the trunk. Run the lights out onto each frond, using zip ties to secure if necessary. Keep wrapping the fronds with the remainder of the lights. 

For an extra fun touch, use a different color on the fronds! 

Shine A Spotlight(or three) on Your Palm Trees

Use net lights, like these, to wrap the base of your palm tree. The net lights will give you a nice uniform look and a quicker wrap. 

For the tops of your palms, you can use spotlights to light them up in alternating Christmas colors. These can be set to red, green, or yellow and also have a dusk to dawn sensor! 

The Candy Cane Look 

What’s Christmas without Candy Canes? Alternate red and white lights to create a candy stripe effect up the trunk of your palm trees. To get that true candy cane shape, gather 2 or 3 fronds that are close together and continue wrapping. 

Embrace the Tropical Vibes

Relaxing Santa

No matter the lights I settle on, I am doing this one, too! 

  • Grab a hammock and a life-sized Santa. 
  • Hang the hammock between two palm trees. 
  • Position Santa in the hammock. 
  • Shine spotlights on him to keep him front and center, even at night. 

Having trouble finding a life-sized Santa to relax in your hammock? I was lucky enough to score a Santa suit at a secondhand shop, complete with a beard! I’ll be hot-gluing all the parts together and stuffing it with some newspaper to bring him to life. Then I’ll just pull the hat down low to make it look like Santa is taking a snooze. 

You can find a great Santa suit here if you’re not lucky enough to find one secondhand. 

Hanging ornaments

For something quick and easy, grab some oversized ornaments. Bonus points if they’re tropical-inspired. Think flamingoes and flip-flops! Hang the ornaments from the fronds with ribbon or fishing line at varying lengths. 

Palm tree with christmas ornaments

Keep it interesting at night by using spotlights to shine up at them or by adding in ornaments that light up, like these

Trim a Little off the Top

So this one isn’t technically a way to decorate your palm trees, but it used to be one of my favorite crafts while I was growing up. 

Reindeer Palm Frond

Palm trees always need a little trimming. Next time, grab the little cast-off fronds and use them to make the cutest little reindeer. These make great holiday gifts, so make more than just one!


Don’t just ignore those beautiful Palm trees at Christmas time. Wrap them in lights, add some sparkle, or give Santa a space to chill. No matter which method you choose, your Palm trees will add the perfect tropical touch to your outdoor Christmas display!


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