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Shark Party Decorations 7 Great Ideas for Ultimate Party Decor

Shark Party Decorations: 7 Great Ideas for Ultimate Party Decor

What is the best type of party decorations for the kids or maybe your adult kid?


Name a kid under the age of 10 that doesn’t love sharks and I’d be suspicious of that. Kids love sharks and it’s a perfect way to achieve a memorable party that their friends and other parents will be talking about for a long time.

We’ve compiled our favorite shark decorations for a killer party.

Shark Party Decorations 7 Great Ideas for Ultimate Party DecorShark parties have become all the rave in recent years. Many children have grown a great love for sharks, especially since the song “Baby Shark” has come out. 

Loving the idea for a shark party, you may be wondering how you can set together an incredible assortment of shark party decor, treats, and games. 

Successfully setting up a shark party is not all too difficult once you follow our simple guide below – you will have all of the information you need to be the talk of shark party enthusiasts.

Delicious Shark Party Food Ideas

What is a shark party without shark party food? 

You might have an idea of some things you want to include in your dinner party when you have a shark theme, and chances are, if you conclude a web search, you will find a variety of shark-related food items. 

The most popular, of course, are:

  • Shark Decor Cakes
  • Shark Decor Biscuits

Whatever you do have in mind will be pretty easy to find somewhere, and if, by chance, your ideas outshine those on the web, why not add a bit of creativity!

Shark Cupcakes for a shark party

Inexpensive Shark Party Decorations with Balloons

Your shark party enthusiasm may have quickly diminished once you saw how expensive the whole charade would be – let’s be honest, nobody wants to spend hundreds of dollars for a one-day event, especially when the child is still very young and will most likely not even remember the party. 

Shark Birthday Decorations

There is no need to spend a fortune, as there are many balloon options available, and if you can’t find the exact balloon that piques your fancy, why not try a DIY approach! Balloon decor is an easy and affordable way to vamp up any party.

Shark Party Plates and Cups

Funky yet straightforward plates and cups are also an easy way to vamp up any party! These are great for any party as they are fun, easy to clean up, and will set the theme perfectly. 

 Shark Party Plates and Cups

Decorate with Shark Party Signs

Shark party signs may be the best way for you to showcase what is happening where and when. It can also be a fun way to add a bit of funk to a birthday party! 

Little ones may particularly like the idea of having shark party signs! 

 shark party signs

Though, you shouldn’t only think of them as p[arty decor, as this can be a fun addition to your home aesthetic, especially if you live close to the beach or own an in-home bar area!

Shark Party Blue Punch

The next thing on your list may be what to prepare for drinks, and the obvious choice is to have something blue, as it will perfectly fit in with your party aesthetic! 

There may not be many options for a blue drink when you step into a supermarket, but do not fret. You can customize your blue drink by adding a little food coloring – or it might be as simple as mixing a few drinks to customize the color. You could even end up creating a drink you genuinely enjoy! 

shark punch

Again, this is a fun idea for both kids and adult parties. There truly is no limit to a blue drink!

Make Everyone Feel Included with a Shark Bracelet

A gift for each party attendant is always a fun idea and shows that you have put thought into each guest! 

The issue with shark parties is that not everybody will like having a shark sticker or cup to take home, but boys and girls love bracelets. 

 Shark Bracelets

It is easy to create customized gifts that will leave your shark party the talk of the town for many years to come, and they are not that difficult to make. 

However, if making a shark bracelet seems like too much effort for you, there are online options for you to look at. Some might even give you a customization option!

DIY Shark Party Decor Ideas

Sharks, sharks, sharks…

When hosting a shark party, you want it to be all about the sharks, from the color scheme to the plates and the party cake. So when you choose a specific theme, picking out the nitty-gritty details and applying them to all decors is what counts! 

DIY Shark Sign

Shark party decor has become all the talk in recent years! 

A few years ago, you may have had to DIY your whole shark party. Though that still is an option, the option of purchasing shark party decor is now widely available, and it leaves you with more time to put up decorations and actually enjoy the party!

DIY shark headband

Google may also provide you with some new shark party decor DIY ideas or easy options to accomplish what you would like to achieve. Whatever you do decide to do, a little bit of googling and a few tried and tested methods will undoubtedly leave you with the party you were dreaming of!


Shark parties are one of the best ways to celebrate a birthday! There are so many options to decorate with shark decorations ideas. Let us know in the comments below what your favorite sharp parties decorations or tips that you’ve had success with in the past. 


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