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The 6 Best Beaches In Alaska With Amazing Views That Are A Must Visit

The 6 Best Beaches in Alaska With Amazing Views That are a Must Visit

The 6 Best Beaches In Alaska That Are A Must VisitAlaska is a wondrous place with many hidden treasures. One of those treasures is the beaches that dot the coastline in places like Seward and Kodiak.

Many of the beaches here are not your typical sandy beaches that you can dig your feet into. Instead they are filled with small pebbles. However, what they lack in sand they all make up with gorgeous views.

The best beaches in Alaska can be found all over, but if you want to skip the work of trying to find them yourself then this article will help narrow down your search!

Seward Alaska Beaches

Seward is a town of about 500 people at the head of Resurrection Bay in Kenai Peninsula Borough. It’s famed for its access to some of the best salmon fishing on Earth and has been called the “Salmon Capital of the World.” The area around Seward was an important trade center for the Alaska Natives and was visited by Russian fur traders, British explorers George Vancouver and James Cook.

Seward is a delight in the Kenai Peninsula that comes alive with tourists every summer. In addition to being home to one of Alaska’s most popular, and best beaches, Seward also has world-class salmon fishing on two nearby rivers! The beach itself has soft sand and warm water perfect for swimming or just relaxing outside!

Driving directions to Seward Alaska

Seward is located at the head of Resurrection Bay in Kenai Peninsula Borough. You can reach it by driving approximately 75 miles North on Seward Highway/Alaska Hwy from Anchorage, or 40 miles South from Homer.

Directions: From Anchorage drive north for about 75 miles on Alaska Highway (Hwy) to get to Seward. From Homer, drive south on the same highway for about 40 miles to get there for a perfect day of swimming or just relaxing outside.

A Day in Seward Alaska

Mendenhall Cove Beach, Juneau

Mendenhall Glacier and beach

Situated at a glacier inlet just off Auke Bay, Mendenhall is home to the state’s first public beach. There are no “public bathrooms or parking lots, but the scenery and access to Mendenhall Glacier make it worth a visit.

– The beach is located on a long, sweeping cove with gentle waves.

– The cove faces out to the glacier inlet and has a sandy bottom that slopes nicely towards the water from shoreline rocks.

The Mendenhall Glacier can be viewed from this beach by walking an easy trail through the lush forest of spruce trees, hemlocks, and cedars.

Driving Directions to Mendenhall Cove beach:

– Take Egan Drive to Glacier Avenue.

– Turn left onto Mendenhall Loop Road and follow it for a mile until you reach the parking lot at the end of the road.

– You can also access this beach by hiking in from Glacier Point Trail (near Mendenhall Lake Campground) or by kayaking/boat from the shoreline of Auke Bay.

The beach is located on a long, sweeping cove with gentle waves. The Mendenhall Glacier can be viewed from this beach by walking an easy trail through the lush forest of spruce trees, hemlocks, and cedars.

Portage Cove Beach, Portage

a beach at Portage Cove Alaska

This beach is home to one of Alaska’s most well-known landmarks: an 800 ft cliff that drops off into Prince William Sound. The only way down is by boat or via steep hiking trails from the top of the bluff.

– Portage Cove is at the end of a winding, narrow, and windy road that begins in downtown Seward.

– The hike down to the beach from the parking lot takes about 40 minutes on foot. Visitors who choose this route should wear sturdy shoes or boots with good grip, as there are many steep sections throughout the trail!

– The view from the top of Portage Cove is absolutely breathtaking, with views on one side that stretch out over the Sound and on the other to Mount Mageik. It’s not hard to understand why this location was where Native tribes gathered valuable food resources when they traveled through here centuries ago!

Driving directions to portage cove beach from Seward

-Head south on Seward Highway for about 11 miles, until you reach the Portage Cove turnoff.

-Turn right onto Gulf of Alaska Drive and continue driving down to the end at Portage Cove Beach. Parking is available here – as well as a trail that leads hikers back up to the bluff top.

Bishops Beach and Upper Tidal Beach, Homer Alaska

Homer Alaska

This is a must-visit for anyone who loves birdwatching and hiking in Alaska’s wilderness: The beach borders both channels of Kachemak Bay, home to tidal flats that are among North America’s most productive shorebird habitats.

– Upper Tidal Slough is a small beach that borders two channels of Kachemak Bay, which offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy both salt and freshwater environments.

– The tidal flats are among North America’s most productive shorebird habitats and provide excellent opportunities for birdwatching! Visitors will find an abundance of bald eagles in the area!

– There are hiking trails that lead around the lake, perfect for photographing wildlife and sunsets.

Driving directions to upper tidal slough beach

– Drive to the south end of Homer and take Prillaman Road.

– Follow this road for about 12 miles until you see a sign marking Upper Tidal Slough Beach on your right. Turn down that dirt trail and follow it all the way back to the beach!

Zimovia Strait Beach, Ketchikan Alaska

a beach at Portage Cove Alaska

Zimovia is a private beach that offers plenty of space for the whole family to relax. The protected cove features calm waters, making it a great place to spend time with the family.

– The beach is a private, family-oriented cove that features calm waters and plenty of space for the whole family to relax.

-Zimovia Strait is also home to an active forest on nearby islands that you can view from your beach chair! It’s not uncommon to see fernbirds or even bald eagles in this area of Alaska.

– The beach is part of the Zimovia Strait, which provides a protected cove with calm waters.

Driving directions to Zimovia Strait Beach, Ketchikan

At the intersection of Chichagof and Tongass Street, turn on to Tongass. Continue south for approximately 500 yards before turning west onto Zimovia Road. Follow this road as it winds up a hill where it will take you southwest if heading north or northeast if heading south. After about two miles, look for the parking lot on your left.

What's the fastest-growing town in Alaska?

Job postings are up, wages are climbing and the town is bustling with activity. The fastest-growing towns in Alaska is a place you would expect as Anchorage has been steadily creeping towards 40% growth for several years now.

Anchorage Real Estate Prices have gone up by over 30% since 2015! Much of this increase is thanks to the government’s Homeownership Program.

Which Alaskan City has the most Coastline?

Kodiak, Alaska is home to the most miles of coastline in all of Alaska. It’s also a great place for fishing and scenic flights!

Kodiak is one of the most diverse areas in Alaska. It’s a perfect place for outdoor recreation and contains many natural wonders like glaciers, volcanoes, and mountains that reach almost 14 thousand feet in height!

There are plenty of opportunities to camp or hike–or even kayak- here as well. Campgrounds offer tent sites as well as RV hookups with potable water and dump station facilities. There are also nine hiking trails, each with its own unique style and difficulty level. The park is home to a diverse set of natural wonders: glaciers, volcanoes, mountains that reach 14 thousand feet in height.

kodiak Alaska

What is the Best Restaurant in Alaska?

Anchorage, Alaska is home to the most restaurants per capita in all of America.

This state has a lot going on for it! In Anchorage, you’ll find the best restaurant: The Oak Table Restaurant and Wine Bar. Located at 2601 Spenard Road A-108 , this establishment was founded by Chef Dana Lawrence in 1999.

What is the Cost of Living in Alaska?

Nationally, Alaska has the second-highest cost of living after Hawaii. However, it still remains relatively affordable for residents and visitors alike. Anchorage is one of the most expensive cities in America with a median home price that exceeds $300 thousand dollars.

The Cost of Living Index (COLI) measures factors such as housing costs, food, clothing and utilities in over 300 cities to provide a living standard index. The COLI for Anchorage is 115.


The intent of this article is to review the best beaches in Alaska. These are not your typical sun-kissed, palm tree-lined destinations that many people imagine when they think about a beach vacation. Alaskan beaches are rugged and wild with plenty of natural beauty from jagged mountains down to sprawling glaciers just offshore. They offer adventure and a range of activities like kayaking, fishing, and camping.

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