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The 5 Best Heavy-Duty Beach Chairs for Overweight Big Guys

Beach season is upon us and beach chairs are a must-have for anyone who frequents the beach. However, beach chairs that are built for overweight people may be harder to find than you think.

There is nothing more uncomfortable both mentally and physically than sitting in a beach chair that is too small and doesn’t fit your body type. We want to help anyone who is over 300 pounds and searching for a beach chair to works for their weight.

In this article, we will review some of the best heavy-duty beach chairs on the market today.

Name Picture Price Best Feature Our rating Best Price
Big Jumbo 500 lbs XL Aluminum Heavy Duty Beach Chair $$ Excellent chair for big people and quite comfortable. Made of sturdy aluminum and holds up to 500 lbs 9.7/10 See Current Price
REDCAMP Heavy Duty Oversized Folding Chair $$ Comfortable and soft material in a camping style of chair. It holds up to 500 lbs and easy to carry 9.5/10 See Current Price
Copa Big Papa 17 inch Hi-Seat Heavy Duty Beach Chair $$ Reclines in 4 positions, sits 17" off the ground and holds to 300 lbs 9.5/10 See Current Price
ALPHA CAMP Low Beach Camping Folding Chair $$ Comes in a double pack for a reasonable brace. Really comfortable to sit in but is a low to the ground 9.4/10 See Current Price
KingCamp Low Sling Beach Chair for Camping Concert Lawn $$ Great for a couple, and has 4 reclining positions. Hold ups to 300 lbs and yet only weights 7.9 pounds 9.4/10 See Current Price

What to Look for in a Beach Chair for Anyone Over 300 Pounds

Before we jump right into our beach chair reviews, there are some features that you should look for in a heavy-duty beach chair. These beach chairs will be able to handle people’s weight and the material used is usually of high quality so it can last longer.

A Wide Base 

No one wants their beach chair tipping over when they have beach drinks in their hand. Look for beach chairs that have a wide base so this doesn’t happen.

A Reclining Beach Chair

You may want to sit back and enjoy your surroundings without having to hold up the beach umbrella with one hand or putting sunscreen on yourself with another.

Having a beach chair that has an adjustable headrest, is almost a must, but also having a beach chair that reclines is a great feature to have.

A Beach Chair with Storage

Not all heavy-duty beach chairs come with this option because it adds weight and increases the price of the product, but if you can find one for your budget then we suggest getting it since they are hard to find.

A beach chair that is not too heavy – You don’t want to be carrying around a beach chair made of steel. Look for beach chairs that are lightweight and can fold up so you can store them in your car easily or take it back home with no problems.

Height of the Beach Chair

Just because a beach chair can handle heavy people, it doesn’t mean that you should sit in any beach chair. The height from the floor to your seat is an important factor since beach chairs are designed for everyone and not just overweight individuals. In order to get the right beach chair for yourself, make sure that you can get out of the chair without help.

Some of the beach chairs are too low and you may need help getting up and out of them. On the other hand, beach chairs that are too high can be difficult to get in and out of so make sure it fits your sitting height as well.

What's the Difference between a Normal and Heavy-Duty Beach Chair?

The 5 Best Heavy-Duty Beach Chairs For Overweight Big GuysA beach chair that is designed for heavy people is usually wider, stronger, and more comfortable to sit in even if you’re a big dude. 

In addition, these beach chairs come with sturdy handles so the chair does not break when you are sitting on them.

On the other hand, beach chairs that are not made for heavy people tend to have thin steel frames which means they will start breaking apart after being used several times.

They may also not be too comfortable to sit in either since they do not have strong handles or a wide enough seating area for overweight people.

Weight Limit of the Chair

Another important factor that you need to consider is the weight limit of beach chairs. Most beach chairs are made for people who weigh under 300 lbs., but there are some options available on the market today that can handle heavy people above this mark as well.

However, if your beach chair can hold up to 400 or 500 pounds then it will last longer and you won’t have to buy another beach chair every year.

Width of the Chair

The beach chairs that are designed for overweight people tend to be wider than other beach chairs on the market. This can make them feel more stable and comfortable, but it also might take up space where you would like to place your beach towel or cooler.

Depending on how much room you have available, make sure you get a wide beach chair so you don’t feel awkward when you are at the beach.

The Sturdiness of the Beach Chair Handles

This is something that beach chairs for heavy people usually get wrong. The handles are not strong enough to hold up overweight individuals and they can break off if you sit in the chair too hard or lean back without holding on properly.

Heavy-duty beach chairs need to have stronger beach chair handles so this doesn’t happen while sitting down.

Warranty of the Chair

The beach chair warranty is important to look at since you will use this product often and it needs to last for a long time. Look for beach chairs that have a good warranty in case the beach chair breaks down when you are using it on the beach or if something happens during transportation.

What's the Weight Limit for Most Beach Chairs?

Most beach chairs can hold up to 300 pounds of weight since they are designed for average people. If you weigh less than this amount, then you will be able to sit on the beach chair without any problems and it should last a long time before breaking apart.

Heavy-duty beach chairs have higher weight limits which means that overweight individuals will be able to sit on them without any problems. These beach chairs can hold up to 500 pounds of weight. 

The beach chairs for heavy people usually have a steel frame instead of aluminum or plastic which means they are much sturdier and will be able to last for a long time without breaking apart.

The 5 Best Beach Chairs for Heavy People

Big Jumbo 500 lbs XL Aluminum Heavy Duty Beach Chair

Summary: The Big Jumbo Beach Chair is an excellent joint for large people. Designed for the big and tall person in mind. It’s made of strong polyester fabric and a sturdy aluminum frame for great durability and rust resistance.

This beach chair also reclines to 4 different positions to find that perfect relaxed position.

The oversize chair is 23 inches wide and 22 inches deep and comfortable 16 inches tall from the ground.

Big Jumbo Beach Chair with 500 lbs weight limit

Click on the image for more information

REDCAMP Oversized Folding Beach Chair for Adults over 500lb

Summary: The Redcamp Folding chair is perfect for the person that wants a more traditional style folding chair. This chair focused on comfort first with the angle and the height of the back of the chair.

The chair’s feet are extra durable and sturdy, designed for safety on the beach.

The extra storage and cup holder are a bonus to store items when you are on the beach.

This chair also comes with a one-year warranty for any reason.

Redcamp oversized beach chair

Click on the image for more information

Copa Big Papa 17 inch Hi-Seat Heavy Duty Beach Chair

Summary: The Copa Big Papa chair is perfect for anyone that wants to be off the ground more. It sits 17 inches from the ground keeping you out of the sand and easy to get in and out of.

Our favorite feature is that the chair reclines to 4 different angles and includes a headrest to make it even more comfortable.

The frame is made from sturdy aluminum, the fabric is high-grade polyester, and the armrests are actually made of wood.

Copa Papa Heavy-Duty Beach Chair

Click on the image for more information

ALPHA CAMP Low Beach Camping Folding Chair

Summary: The Alpha Camp chair double set is perfect for a couple that wants a lightweight yet sturdy option for the beach. 

The chairs are really comfortable to sit in and the breathable mesh back makes it easy to stay cool on hot days.

The heavy-duty frames are wide at the bottom and support up to 300 pounds easily which is great cause it folds down small and is easier to carry.

The front mesh pocket is perfect for storage and is in an easy-to-reach location for a phone or a book. They come with a 3-month warranty.

Alpha Camp Low Chairs for the Beach

Click on the image for more information

KingCamp Low Sling Beach Chair

Summary: The King Camp low sling beach chairs come in a 2 pack.

The low beach chair easily adjusts to 4 seating positions, including a lay-flat option. Recline without the worries of pinching fingers or hands with the SAFE-ADJUST technology.

The chair only weighs 7.9 pounds but can hold up to 300 lbs and more. 

A little bonus feature is the towel rack that is on the back of the chair to dry off a wet towel.

King Camp Lightweight Heavy-Duty Beach Chairs

Click on the image for more information


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