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The 6 Best Beach Towns in Washington for a Beach House

The 6 Best Towns in Washington for a Beach House

The 6 Best Beach Towns in Washington for a Beach HouseWashington state offers some of the best scenic coastlines on the West Coast, positioning itself nicely as a locale that attracts out-of-state residents. Searching for a town in Washington to purchase a beach house? There’s no shortage of beautiful coastline in this Evergreen State.

The Washington coastline boasts large trees, long beaches, and great access to the mountains. All while being a short drive away from the major amenities of the big city.

Port Angeles, Washington

Population: 20,076

Average Home Price:  $295,023

Port Angeles is tucked in the Olympic Mountains and serves as an entryway to Olympic National Park. That tells you a lot about what Port Angeles values – the community is deeply connected to nature. The activities the city promotes align closely with that connection.

Port Angeles, Washington
Port Angeles, Washington

Just because it’s a natural town doesn’t mean there aren’t modern amenities, however; Port Angeles has plenty of ways to tickle your taste buds or stimulate your senses with art and culture. 

Two and a half hours northwest of Seattle, Port Angeles offers one unique setting for your dream beach house.

Visit Port Angeles

Port Townsend, Washington

Population: 9,704

Average Home Price: $418,574

Port Townsend is located in the western portion of Washington and offers much of the same attractions as other towns in Washington. Just under ten thousand residents call Port Townsend home, and while the population may seem small, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of things to do. 

Port Townsend Washington
Port Townsend Washington

Natural beauty abounds and outdoor recreation is common, but cultural events happen year-round, contributing to a vibrant atmosphere.

Westport, Washington

Population: 2,080

Average Home Price: $193,844

Sitting on the entrance to Grays Harbor from the Pacific Ocean, Westport is a small gem of a town that offers refuge from the hustle and bustle of some of the bigger towns in the state.

Westport, Washington
Westport, WA

The town prides itself on its relaxed atmosphere. Return to your natural roots and give yourself a chance to recharge your batteries. Westport is a great option for those looking for a nice escape.

Anacortes, Washington

Population: 17,283

Average Home Price: $515,600 

Looking for something a little more exotic? Look no further than Anacortes. Situated on Fidalgo Island, Anacortes offers a bit of everything. Because of where it’s located, there are breathtaking views of the surrounding islands, as well as the opportunity to whale watch in its coastal waters. 

Anacortes, Washington
Anacortes, WA

Music lover? The town is home to the best record store in Washington, The Business. 

As is the case with other towns, Anacortes is heavily invested in festivals, such as Shipwreck Day, a massive flea market downtown.

Blaine, Washington

Population: 5,436

Average Home Price: $395,434

Blaine, the northernmost town on this list, is positioned on the US-Canadian border, which also makes it the northernmost city on the I-5. Because of its proximity to Canada (and Vancouver, in particular), much of the area is devoted to trading. 

Blaine, Washington
Blaine, WA

Like some of the smaller towns before it, Blaine positions itself as an enclave of relaxation while also providing the unique ability to be close to a large city.

Sequim, Washington

Population: 7,481

Average Home Price: $361,191

Douglas Fir
Douglas Fir on the coast of Washington

Are you a nature lover with a fascination for trees? Sequim is the place for you. Positioned near Olympic National Park, Sequim offers a vast array of trees, including red cedar and Douglas-fir. 

Beyond trees, Sequim is also home to a massive herd of Roosevelt elk. Nature lovers will truly love the small-town vibes provided by Sequim.

In Review


Regardless of what your goals are, Washington has a town with what you’re looking for. Whether you wish to slow down or enjoy a smaller community, there’s a town in Washington that is calling.


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