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The 8 Best Design Tips for a Gorgeous Bathroom

The 8 Best Design Tips For A Gorgeous BathroomThere’s no question that a bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a home. It not only has to be functional but also aesthetically pleasing. However, there are some design mistakes that many homeowners make without even realizing it!

The bathroom is the one room of the house beside the kitchen that your guests are bound to visit and spend time in. It’s easy to neglect the bathroom and not give it the proper decoration. We’re here to share with you 7 best design tips for a gorgeous bathroom.

The Proper Type of Flooring for the Bathroom

The best type of flooring for a bathroom design is ceramic tile. The main reason that many people prefer ceramic tile to any other form of flooring, such as carpet or hardwood, is because it’s easy to clean and maintain.

Ceramic tiles are also easier on the feet than some other types of materials like hardwood floors; for those with sensitive feet, this is an important consideration.

tiled bathroom floor

Even if you are not bothered by other flooring types, it’s a good idea to consider the durability of your choice in relation to how often water and moisture will be present; ceramic tiles can last for decades without showing significant signs of wear.

Consider a white or light gray tiled floor. It will give the bathroom an open, airy feeling and save you money by not having to buy additional rugs for it.

5 Bathroom Flooring Ideas on a Budget

Have Ample Storage in the Bathroom

Without being too cluttered is the trick.

Designing a bathroom with ample storage will help it feel like the space is optimized and well-used. There are many ways to provide this: installing shelves in one or more corners of the room, using floating cabinets on either side of the toilet closet (if your design allows for these), adding open shelving throughout, building an additional small closet alongside the toilet, or installing a cabinet to house your towel storage.

Bathroom organizing shelvesThere are many different styles and types of shelving available for bathroom designs; from simple shelves on the wall with pull-out drawers underneath to more elaborate floating cabinets that can be placed anywhere in the room. One consideration is where you want them — high enough so it’s easy to reach anything on them, or low enough for you and your guests to be able to look at whatever is stored there.

The other consideration in bathroom storage is organizing the shelves with a system that works for you: baskets, boxes, trays, containers that can stack onto each other…anything goes! Your style of organization will depend on your needs and how much you have.

Choose a Great Color to Paint the Bathroom

The most popular colors for painting bathrooms are soft shades of blue, green, lavender, or pink — but any light hue can work well with a white tile floor! The main thing to keep in mind is choosing something that will not show the dirt and dust as much.

A color that is universally flattering, such a green or blue with white trim around the border of the room will make your bathroom feel fresh, feminine, and clean every time you use it.

Furniture for the bathroom

Now we are getting fancy.

The best type of furniture for a bathroom design is the right number and size. If you have limited space, consider opting for wall-mounted shelving units that go up to 18 inches off the ground or even smaller if your flooring is low to the ground to conserve as much floor space as possible. These shelves will be perfect for storing items such as towels, toiletries, and other small items you use on a daily basis.

If your bathroom is large enough to include an extra area for seating or lounging, consider getting furniture that can be used in both! For example: if you have space at the foot of the tub but no room near the sinks or toilet closet, get a table with an extendable leg to make it possible for guests to sit at the tub.

Furniture in the bathroom

If you have room, extra furniture can also be helpful in providing storage space as well! It might not sound like much but adding even just one shelf next to the toilet closet or above your bathtub could go a long way if that’s all the space you have available.

Have a well-designed and balanced mirror in the bathroom

Using a mirror as the focal point in your design is an excellent way to create drama and balance. If you’re just looking for something simple, go with a large rectangular or octagonal framed mirror that can be hung on one of the walls near where someone would stand when they get ready; it will give off light from any direction and provide a strong, flattering reflection.

If you’re looking for something more elaborate with more depth and detail, a framed mirror that matches the other elements in your design will do wonders! For example: if most of your bathroom is done in pastel pink tones but there’s one wall painted deep purple as an accent color, go ahead and get a mirrored frame in the same shade.

If you’re like me and can’t find a frame with just the right look, go ahead and DIY! It’s easy to put together your own mirror from any craft store: all it takes is some glue and an old frame that matches the color scheme of your design. Just be sure to prime both sides so you don’t get any moisture damage in the middle.

Lighting for Bathroom

It’s important to consider your needs before you buy anything, so if it’s dark where you go potty then that should be one of your first considerations when deciding what kind of light fixture to invest in. The most popular options are two or four-bulb linear fluorescent fixtures, and you can find them in different wattages with the option of color temperature.

Linear fluorescent bulbs work well for bathrooms because they don’t have a heat source like incandescent sources do; this means there’s less chance of developing an electric arc due to humidity, as long as they are installed properly.

Bathroom lighting

If you’re not sure how to install them yourself, call an electrician and ask for their advice: they might even be able to come out and do it in person if that’s more convenient. In the meantime, have a look at this article on installing fluorescent lights from one of our designers!

Finding the Perfect Vanity in the Bathroom

The perfect vanity should be the right size and shape for your bathroom. If you have a lot of space, designating one wall as a focal point could work well; if not, make sure to choose something that doesn’t take up too much room on the floor. You might also want to consider purchasing two vanities: one for makeup and one for hair care.

gorgeous Bathroom vanity

If you have a particularly small bathroom, consider getting an over-the-toilet vanity that’s designed to be tucked away when not in use; this will save space and make it easier to get into the toilet closet without bumping your arm on something heavy. You can also go with a stand-alone unit that has a shelf for storage; it’ll save space while still giving you the option of some extra storage.

Find a Memorable Shower Curtain

Having a memorable shower curtain is all about making your bathroom feel unique. It’s not just about the color, of course, but it can be a good start to come up with something you love that will make others question what they’re missing out on! And while choosing colors might seem like an easy task when you have so many options at your disposal, it can be a bit more difficult to find the perfect one.

We like this shower curtain from Lush Decor because it has a classic design but is still bold enough for guests to remember.

Lush Decor classic but bold shower curtainIf you want a shower curtain that will last, consider choosing vinyl or some other material with built-in waterproofing. This is especially important if your bathroom doesn’t have tile and the water has to be soaking into wood paneling – it’ll just eat away at the layers of paint and cause peeling over time. Shower curtains are also an excellent way to add color and texture while also dressing up space a little more.


We hope that these tips will help you create the perfect bathroom for your needs and lifestyle. Remember to take a look at some of our previous articles on how to design a new living room, bedroom or kitchen! We’d love to hear from you about what topics are most interesting: just leave a comment below this post with anything we might add to the list of articles.

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