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coastal-themed coasters

The 5 Best Beach-Themed Coaster

The 5 Best Beach-Themed Drink CoastersThere are many ways to enhance your beach-themed home décor. One of the most subtle is the use of beach-themed coasters. Everyone uses them at one point or another. Coasters save our furniture from damage caused by heat and condensation from drinks. The right coaster design can spark great conversations or simply accentuate a theme room in your lake or beach house.

See the in-depth reviews below

Name Picture Price Best Feature Our rating Best Price
Thirstystone Stoneware Coaster Set $ Made of Durable Stone 9.7/10 See Current Price
CoTa “Welcome to The Beach” Coasters $ One of the best designs for any theme 9.5/10 See Current Price
Ocean Beach Blue Wood Drink Coaster Set $ Great Combo of Coasters 9.5/10 See Current Price
Lankony Sea Life Coasters $ Largest Coaster Set 9.4/10 See Current Price
Puzzled Wooden Coaster with Plastic Holder $ 100% Product Guarantee 9.3/10 See Current Price

What is a Beach Themed Coaster?

A beach-themed coaster can encompass a myriad of designs. Color patterns combine with nautical and sea inspired sayings and themes to help create and complete and comfortable home environment. In the simplest of terms, it is a coaster that has beach or coast-themed designs.

What are the Benefits of using a Coastal-Themed Coaster?

The main benefit of adding beach-themed coasters to your décor is fun and function. We need to protect our furniture from hot and cold drinks. Condensation and heat from drinks can wreak havoc on a beautifully polished wooden table. The many designs available allow for a bit of self-expression and enhance any room’s atmosphere. The right design could start a memory-making conversation amongst friends.

What to Look for in a Beach-Themed Coaster?

Choosing a beach-themed coaster can be fun. There are so many different designs to choose from. One of the main things to keep in mind is how easy they are to clean. Obviously, we want a set that can be wiped and stored as quickly as possible. No one wants to spend too much time scrubbing stains off a coaster. A good holder for the set is a good idea to keep the coasters together and easily accessible.

A good coaster should be durable. Coaster sets are made from materials ranging from cardboard, corkboard, plastics, wood, and ceramics. While cardboard and corkboard are more disposable, plastics, wood and ceramics are more durable, although some may break when dropped.

Most importantly, make sure you have enough coasters for everyone! Sets are sold in different sizes, so make sure you buy enough of your preferred coaster to assure everyone has one for their drink.

The Best Beach-Themed Coasters

Thirstystone Stoneware Coaster Set

Summary: Meet me “Where the Ocean Meets the Sky.” This casual set of four coasters will fit right in at your beach-themed home or rental. The whitewashed pastel colors of the washboard fence on this printed stoneware coaster fits perfectly with any décor. Measuring 4.24” square, Thirstystone Stoneware Coaster set is the perfect size to hold up to condensation from any tropical drink. The added cork backing helps protect furniture from scratching and eliminate slipping.

Pros: Cork backing prevents sliding, nicely printed

Cons: No holder, easy to break

Thirstystone beach-themed coaster set

Click on the image for more information

CoTa "Welcome to The Beach" Coasters

Summary: Add to your nautical design with this set of six, high quality wooden coasters, complete with their own holder. The large 4.75” square surface protects your furniture from moisture and heat damage. The tried and true anchor and “Welcome to the Beach” saying beg you to sit and relax for a while with your favorite fruity cocktail. Classical wooden design fits in with any décor.

Pros: Fits any décor, waterproof

Cons: not dishwasher safe

Puzzled beach-themed coaster set

Click on the image for more information

Ocean Beach Blue Wood Drink Coaster Set

Summary: This fun set of four beach-themed coasters will add a splash of color to your waterside décor. The aqua blue, wooden set boast lively pictures of star fish, sea turtles, dolphins, and pineapples. They measure 3.5” and are Made in the USA. This colorful set is sure to start a conversation at your next gathering.

Pros: Colorful, Made in America

Cons: Not dishwasher safe, no holder

Rogue River Beach-themed coaster set

Click on the image for more information

Lankony Sea Life Coasters

Summary: This high-quality, vibrant, ceramic coaster set adds color and character to your beach-themed décor. The set includes eight round coasters printed with four different amusing sayings and an iron holder for easy storage. They have a cork backing to further protect furniture and are easily cleaned.

Pros: Colorful, metal holder

Cons: Not dishwasher safe, can break if dropped

Lankony beath-themed coaster set

Click on the image for more information

Puzzled Wooden Coaster with Plastic Holder

Summary: This wooden set of six coasters brings a bit of functional nautical décor to your beach-themed home. With the anchor-clad holder, these 3.5×4” coasters subtly protect your finest furniture from hot and cold drinks. The cream-colored coasters fit into any beach décor. 

Pros: Decorative holder, colorful

Cons: No cork bottom, Not very absorbent, small, plastic holder

Puzzled anchor designed beach-themed coaster set

Click on the image for more information

Key Takeaways

Have some fun while scouting for beach-themed coasters. There are many different patterns and materials used to create classy, classical, or fun environments within your beach themed home or lake house. Take into mind storage and cleaning when choosing your preferred material. Browse through the examples we provided and compare the differences. Read reviews of products you like and take a chance. Order that beach-themed pattern today!

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