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How to save a beach vacation in the rain

What to do on a Beach Vacation if it’s Raining: 8 Family Fun Activities

What to do when it rains on your beach vacationHave you ever been rained out while on vacation at the beach? Beaches are best when the sun is out and the breeze is blowing. 

But, when thunderstorms cast a shadow on your perfect beach vacay, you can’t let it get you down. After all, you are still on vacation, right?

Don’t let a little rain put a damper on your beach vacation fun!

While you’d prefer to be out on the sand, there are a ton of indoor options to keep the fun going. In this blog post, we’ll review 8 indoor activities to do on your beach vacation if it’s raining outside.

What to Do If It Rains on a Family Vacation

What’s the recipe for the perfect beach vacation? Sun, sand, laughter, and fun. But, what happens when the weather doesn’t cooperate with your plans?

You can still have a great vacation and enjoy the time together as a family. That’s what vacations are all about, right?  Spending quality time together as a family. 

We’ve compiled our favorite activities to do on a beach vacation when you’re stuck inside hiding from the rain.

Playing Board Games as a Family

Board Game fun for the familyBoard games are a great way to get the family together for some quality time. Monopoly and Clue are always favorites, but there are so many options out there! Some other beach vacation favorites we like include:

  • Yahtzee 
  • Uno Card Game
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Jenga

Family games have exploded in recent years and can go beyond the classics. Some of our new favorite board games include:

Most short-term rentals and Air BNB’s have a stash of board games at the house, but it never hurts to plan ahead and bring some with you.

Going to the Movies Family Style

Sometimes it’s easier to spend time indoors when you have a movie theater nearby. Saving money by going family style is an easy way for beach vacationers to enjoy themselves without breaking the bank on ticket prices. Plus, there are so many options out there from kids’ movies to adult movies, it’s easy to find something everyone will enjoy!

Check out the prices for matinees to save money and splurge on snacks. Remember going to the movie with your family and getting a way too big coke and popcorn? It’s all about the memories. 

By the time you get out of the movies, there is a good chance the rain will have stopped and you can get back to enjoying time outdoors.

Going Out for Ice Cream or Coffee as a Family

When there is rain in the forecast, spending time outside may not be ideal. Instead, think about going out for ice cream or coffee with your beach vacationers. 

Sit inside and enjoy an ice cream cone together while reminiscing on memories of beach vacations past.

Ice cream and coffee are a treat that you don’t get to experience much during your normal busy schedules, so slowing down and enjoying some “chill time” is perfect. If you go to a coffee shop, be sure to check out their hot chocolate menu for the kids.

Pulling Up a Favorite Recipe and Cook it Together as a Family

Cook something new as a family Is there anything better than spending time cooking together with the family? Whether you are making breakfast, lunch, or dinner it’s sure to be special. Cooking together is a great bonding time for family and friends.

We love to pull up Pinterest and search for a recipe that we wouldn’t normally make. For example, coastal and beach communities typically have great-tasting fish and seafood options. 

On our last beach vacation, we bought a huge bag of clams. We made clams together for the first time as a family. They were the best clams I’ve ever had, and it was a great memory.

Visiting Local Museums on a Rainy Day

Beach vacations come with many opportunities to learn about the local history. Whether it is in town or within driving distance, there are so many unique museums to enjoy.

Many times they have special events for children. It’s often a great opportunity to learn new things and spend time together as a family.

Many beach towns have colorful histories full of ships and exploring, as well as pirates and treasure searches. Learning all about the area you’re visiting is always fun. Learning something new is educational for the kids.

Going to the Beach When It's Raining

Sometimes beach vacations can be postponed due to rain, but they aren’t canceled. Instead of sitting around worrying about it raining on the beach, go spend some time at the beach anyway!

It’s still sand and water, so why not enjoy what you love doing? Plus, once beach vacationers walk on the beach and feel sand between their toes, it’s hard to leave. The beach tends to clear out when it’s raining, so you can have the whole beach to yourself.

play in the rain on the beach

There is nothing quite like watching the rain hit the water and flow down the beach. If the beach is safe, playing in the surf and the waves is usually a little more exciting in the rain because of the changing weather.

Just because it’s raining, doesn’t mean you should be scared to get wet!

Local Arcade for a Fun Day of Competition

Visit a local arcadeSometimes you need something that involves more fun than relaxation, which is where local arcades come into play. There are several options out there, from air hockey tables to classic arcade games like Pac-Man or Ms. Pac-Man that many beach vacationers love. 

If the town doesn’t have an arcade, check the smart TV at your rental to see if it has a built-in arcade. Many people don’t realize that you can use your smartphone and a smart TV to play arcade-style games. You can challenge your kids to classics and learn a few new fun ones.

Check out this video on how to play arcade games on a smart tv.

Eating in a Covered Outdoor Restaurant on a Rainy Day

When beach vacations are rained out, sometimes eating in an outdoor restaurant is the perfect way to enjoy your time together. It’s still fresh air, but without all of the rain. It’s different from what you would normally do at home, so it still feels like you’re on vacation.

Plus, is there anything better than stuffing your face and drinking a cold beer while you get to smell the fresh scent of rain a few feet away on the coastline. I think not.

Try and find a restaurant with cuisine that you wouldn’t normally try at home, or look for a locally owned establishment to avoid the big chains.

10 Things to Do in Myrtle Beach if It's Raining


Your beach vacation is not over just because of the rain. Instead, look at it as an opportunity to enjoy time together with family or friends by doing things you love! 

There are so many options out there, whether your beach vacations take place in a beach town or further inland. Spending some quality time together shouldn’t stop just because of a little rain.

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