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Why you Should Decorate with Surfboards

Why you Should Decorate with Surfboards: A Fun Guide

Everyone knows that a surfer’s most treasured possession is their surfboard. Search through any surfer’s house and you’re bound to find more than a few lying around. Below we have listed 14 different ways you can use a surfboard to add a splash of style to any house.

Whether you have an old board that has received one too many dings. Or a 9’ longboard that cost you a small fortune. There are many great ways to incorporate surfboards into your house’s décor. Some of the ideas below use actual surfboards, while others use different materials to achieve a surfing theme.

Why you Should Decorate with Surfboards: A Fun Guide

1. Wall Mounted Display

This is for when you have a board that is more precious than life itself. Whether it’s a 70’s twin fin that could belong in a museum or your newest longboard. Mounting it on the wall is an effective way of displaying it for all to see. It also ensures that it is kept out of the way and won’t get damaged. 

Surfboard Wall Display;ga_search_type=all;ga_view_type=gallery;ga_search_query=surfboard+wall+storage;ref=sr_gallery-1-3;organic_search_click=1;pro=1;frs=1

2. Surfboard Wall Art

Love surfing and love creating artwork? A lot of boards come with their own customized artwork. However, the underside is often left clean, which makes for the perfect blank canvas. You can buy paint-style pens that are a useful medium for first-time artists. If you don’t like the design, simply wipe it clean and start again.

Surfboards with art drawn on them

3. Surfboard Shelf

Do you need some more shelving in your room? Here’s an idea that is both creative and original. An old snapped board would be the perfect choice for this project. You can cut it into the desired length and then cut it lengthways along the stringer so that it sits flush with the wall. Some wall brackets will be needed to secure it to the wall.

Surfboard shelf from an old surfboard

4.Signage / Message Board

Ensure that people won’t get lost on your property. Point them in the right direction with your surfboard signage. Surfboards can also be used in the place of a regular message board. Having an outdoor party? Paint the board with chalkboard paint and then write down your menu/drinks list like you would with a regular chalkboard.

5. A Surfboard Mirror

A floor-length mirror can be created by attaching a piece of reflective mirror glass to the entire length of the surfboard. It is then easy to lean against the wall or prop in the corner of your room. A smaller piece of glass could be attached just to the upper part of the board if you want it solely as a face mirror.

surfboard floor to ceiling mirror;ga_search_type=all;ga_view_type=gallery;ga_search_query=surfboard+mirror;ref=sr_gallery-1-4;pro=1;frs=1

6. Fin Art

Before we discussed creating a piece of artwork with your surfboard (number 2). What about using a fin as your ‘canvas?’ Sometimes it can be a little less intimidating working with a smaller area, rather than an entire surfboard. Set it on a shelf for a cute decorative piece, or even frame it and hang it on the wall.

surfboard fin art;mt=login

Surboard Décor for your Walls

Maybe you enjoy the surfboard theme, but don’t want to overdo it with an actual surfboard hanging from your walls. Try one of the ideas below.

7. Canvas Wall Art

Instead of hanging your actual surfboard on the wall, take a photo of it. This can then be printed onto canvas and turned into an attractive piece of wall art. For a larger area, split your photo across 3 separate canvases to achieve a simple yet stunning look.
surfboard canvas wall art

8. Surfboard Wall Mural

Paint your own surfing-inspired mural directly onto the wall. You can choose traditional beach colors of yellow and blue or go for something a bit different like the silhouette design mural shown here. You can find plenty of stencils online to help you with your creation.

Surfing wall mural

9. A Surfboard Clock

While this could actually be made with a real full-length board, it’s probably a little large for this purpose. Plywood, or other types of board, are better suited to a clock for your wall.

surfboard wall clock


Furniture made with Surfboards

Upcycling is a very popular concept these days. It benefits the environment and allows you to enjoy the creative process of taking something old and repurposing it into a new usable item again. So, take your old surfboard and choose the project below.

10. Towel Rack from a Surfboard

This idea utilizes the fins from a surfboard. Create your own towel rack by fixing as many (or as few) fins to a piece of wood as you wish. This can then be mounted on the wall. The curvature of the fins will be enough to hold your towels securely in place.

surfboard towel rack

11. Surfboard Coffee Table

The simplest of surfboard tables can be made by resting your board on a couple of old chairs. Voila! A level surface to place your items on. You may be wanting something a little more elaborate, however. In which case you will need to assemble some proper table legs with which to place your board on.

surfboard bar or coffee table

12. Surfboard Child’s growth chart

For an alternative to the standard paper growth charts, that everyone hangs in their child’s room, try this idea with a surfboard. Measurement marks can be made with a permanent marker on the board. Then an erasable marker can be used if you wish, for recording each child’s height.
Surfboard Childs Growth Chart

13. Chair made from a Surfboard

Now that you have your surfboard table, it’s time for a chair. One effective idea is to use the board as a backrest for a bench-style chair. Of course, you will need to either use an old base (chair legs) or make your own.

surfboard bench

14. Surfboard wine rack

Something a little different. Instead of storing your wine bottle away in the cellar, proudly showcase them on a wine rack meets surfboard display. It’s sure to be a talking point at your next dinner party.

Custom wood surfboard wine rack;hmac=47816f48502a694a9930124904057eb0afaa2979;utm_source=Pinterest;utm_medium=PageTools;utm_campaign=Share



Surfboards are the quintessential symbol of the beach and having a good time. You can’t help but immediately feel upbeat and positive when you see a surfboard. So why not bring that positivity into your home. We’ve shared many different ways to incorporate surfboards into your home decoration. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below or if there are other ways that you like to use surfboards in home decor.




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